• Moon Studio April 2022 Guide

Moon Studio April 2022 Guide

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April 2022 is the time to take risks and chances as we get ready for Eclipse season, with the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at the end of the month. The energy of April 2022 will soften us up and get us going with the momentum of Aries season and the upcoming sweetness of Taurus time. This month's digital download will support, guide, and encourage you to embrace new beliefs and walk new paths—that will get you closer to achieving your goals for the year—with exclusive, magical content. This edition includes:

-  A Full Moon in Libra essay and journaling prompts by sexuality doula + sensualist Ev'Yan Whitney.

- Suggested Tarot cards to work with this month that will help you get resourced and amplify your identity, strengthen your emotional foundations, structures, and your confidence. 

- Journaling prompts and suggestions to help you identify and release patterns that no longer serve you.

- A New Moon in Taurus essay and prompts (that can also be used as a Tarot spread) about owning your worth and embracing your authentic power by Sarah Faith Gotesdiener.

- A suggested reading list, a light, verdant recipe for spring-time lunches and dinners, encouragements, a playlist to move and groove to, important astrological transits and lunar phases, and more. 

Please note: Some of the content in the Moon Studio Guide is from the incredibly popular 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner, some content included is brand new. If you have the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner, you already have access to much of the content included in this offering.