• Moon Studio June 2022 Guide

Moon Studio June 2022 Guide

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June 2022's digital guide is packed with prompts, check-ins, and wisdom on how to make the most of our solstice lessons and messages. This month will test our limits and reveal new truths; 2022 has already left many of us exhausted but it's also shown us our strength. June's edition of the guide is full of remedies and respite for the additional changes to come. This PDF download includes:

- A Full Moon in Sagittarius essay and poetry spell by Mimi Tempestt

- Journaling prompts, suggestions, and encouragements to help realign with your goals, alongside a delicious dinner recipe and suggested reading recommendations, and a special playlist to honor the Sun's growing power

- A New Moon in Cancer essay and reflection prompts to help you reconnect to Self and Source by Rocco Kayiatos 

- A mid-year check-in with prompts to help you audit your goals and dreams for 2022 as well as prompts for small spells to take you through the 2nd half of the year

Please note: Some of the content in the Moon Studio Guide is from the incredibly popular 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner, some content included is brand new. If you have the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner, you already have access to much of the content included in this offering.