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Lovers Year Online Workshop Download

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We are now in a Lovers Year and new paradigms are forming: love, collaboration, and choice are at the forefront of 2022. It’s never been more important to tap into new ways of seeing oneself with deep compassion. What do the themes of the Lovers archetype mean for us personally, as well as collectively? How can we center into deeper ways of creating a life that supports our uniqueness, so that we might better contribute to the greater world?

In this 2-hour online workshop download, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener discusses the energies and wisdom of the Major Arcana 6, as well as its shadows and her channeled themes, forecasts, and tips for incorporating the Lovers into everyday life this year and beyond. In this workshop digital download, you will receive...
  • a 2-hour video replay recording of the live Lovers Year Online Workshop. In this video lecture, Sarah shares the positives and the challenges that will most likely crop up over the course of 2022, alongside magical and practical ways to collaborate with this energy. Sarah covers Tarot theory from her 15 years of experience as a reader, the power of decision-making magic and giving ourselves more choices, how to rebalance after the ordeal that was 2021, the importance of relationships including the law of three and the law of one, her original takes on the Lovers and queerness, how to go beyond the binary, and more. This video recording also includes a clearing meditation to create different pathways into the energy of the Lovers.
  • 12-pages of PDF worksheets with exclusive content including 3 original Tarot spreads, pages of affirmations and journaling prompts to help you connect to the Lovers archetype, and more. 
  • The 222 Ways to Collaborate with the Lovers Archetype PDF. An abundant list of magical and practical suggestions, prompts, ritual ideas, suggested reading, and more unique ways to work with the 2022 Tarot Card of the Year. This special offering is designed to infuse your day with more curiosity, ingenuity, and connection whenever you feel stuck or uninspired.
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