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Dori Midnight x Moon Studio Full Moon Potion

Dori Midnight x Moon Studio Full Moon Potion

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This potion is an exclusive collaboration between Dori Midnight and Sarah Gottesdiener.


Abundance. Shining gratitude. Harvesting gifts. Culminations, illuminations, revelations, and celebrations. Psychic transmissions. The veil lifts, step into the light. The answers come. Say thank you. 


Ingredients: Rainbow moonstone, white precious opal, silver, naked lady, mugwort, white birch, Full Moon whale songs in honey brandy  

Instructions for Use: Take 3-10 drops up to 3x daily, or as needed. Sprinkle on your pillow, crystals, candles, or any desired body parts, either during the Full phase of the Moon or when you want to cultivate & invoke more of these qualities.  

Product Details: Each potion comes in a 30mL/ 1oz dropper bottle. Potions are distilled in brandy. 

Please note: If you do not know if you are allergic to a specific herb, plant, or ingredient, use caution and consult with your doctor.  These potions are not intended as an alternative to or substitute for medical or psychiatric health services or advice. As always, Moon Studio customers are responsible for their purchases: please read the studio policies before purchasing.

Shipping Terms: This potion ships via UPS ground. Please make sure to read the studio's shipping policy before purchasing. This item does not ship outside of the US.

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