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Dripping Dreams Talisman

Dripping Dreams Talisman

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An exclusive collaboration between Sarah Faith Gottesdiener and Leo Black: this lusciously adorned fruit sculpture is the physical representation of sensuality and abundance! Use this magical talisman in rituals surrounding pleasure, sex magic, releasing shame, and honoring your heart's desires.

Created to remind you to delight in the feast that is a beautiful life. YES to juiciness, fun, and pleasure! YES to all that feels nourishing. YES to you.

Perfect for an altar, a nightstand, and tucked away in a silk scarf in your bag. Or, rest this juicy gem under your pillow as you dream. 

The Dripping Dreams is approximately 1 1/2” x 5”. Hand-carved with love and cast in solid brass: this papaya features one 1.1mm 0.0075ct black diamond, one 4mm 0.33ct garnet heart, and one 1.3mm 0.02ct pink sapphire.
Black diamonds are potent tools for amplifying emotions. Garnets symbolize love, inner fire, and root us to our physical body. Pink sapphires remind us of the strength in vulnerability.

Please note this talisman comes in finite quantities. Please allow 2-4 weeks for production and shipping.


Photography by Jeremy Sachs-Michaels 

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