• Energetic Tune-Up & Uplevel Session: Eclipse Season October 2022

Energetic Tune-Up & Uplevel Session: Eclipse Season October 2022

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Join Sarah Faith Gottesdiener for the latest edition of her popular, monthly energy gatherings!

October kicks off the last Eclipse season of 2022, so this month we will prepare our energy fields for the messages of the forthcoming Eclipses. Eclipses are portals and healing opportunities; Eclipses are a cosmic nudge and an invitation to reflect and recalibrate. This energetic tune-up and uplevel session will restore balance to our energetic fields by bringing our shadows to light, and help us clear the energetic path to break patterns and heal.

Sarah will begin by exploring the theme of the session, then we’ll do grounding exercises and practice so that you can have real tools for energetic conservation, energetic boundaries, and healing to take with you after the online energy session. We’ll explore various ways of being with our more sensitive parts: holding space, listening, somatic experiencing, and energetic transmutation.

This online gathering will be approximately one and a half hours and participants will have time to experiment and process.

Attendees, please bring:

Journal and a pen

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Upon enrollment, you will receive a PDF download that includes the gathering's ZOOM information and the guidelines, terms, and conditions of this offering. 

Enrollment ends on October 11th at 12 pm PT or as soon as the offering sells out. Enrolled attendees will receive a welcome email by 6 pm PT on October 11th.

A replay recording will be available after the live session until October 25th at 12 pm PT only. The Moon Studio encourages customers only to enroll if they can make the live session or can watch the replay in that timeframe.

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By signing up for this online offering, you are confirming you are of sound spirit and mind. You understand that what you put into this offering is what you get out of it. You take responsibility for any results that take place as a result of your investment.

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