• Moon Studio March 2022 Guide

Moon Studio March 2022 Guide

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March 2022 is ripe with energy, upgrades, and big changes. With 2 New Moons, the spring equinox, the Zodiacal New Year, and a variety of other cosmic transits, you will need extra support to stay grounded and harness the magic of this unique time. March is a month to update and upgrade your beliefs and mindset to get a crystal-clear view of your life and the next phase you're ready to evolve into. This month's edition includes:

-  *TWO* New Moon essays and offerings, including a Dark Moon enchantment for talismans by Jess Schnabel Horkey of Blood Milk Jewels and a spell for self-creation for the New Moon in Aries by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener. 

- Tarot cards to work with this month and reflections to help you name, claim, and focus on what you will be prioritizing this year, or this season with your Tarot Card(s) of the Year.

- A Full Moon Equinox Prayer by Lama Rod Owens. 

- A suggested reading list, journaling prompts, a delicious spring-time recipe, encouragements, a playlist to move and groove to, important astrological transits and lunar phases, and more. 

Please note: Some of the content in the Moon Studio Guide is from the incredibly popular 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner, some content included is brand new. If you have the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner, you already have access to much of the content included in this offering.