• Moon Studio July 2022 Guide

Moon Studio July 2022 Guide

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July welcomes a flurry of changes in relationships: with others and with ourselves. There's a lot of fire and water energy in the cosmos this month and that contrast (and those respective energies) will be felt deeply in the everyday and in the quiet moments of respite and reflection.

This month's guide is here to support you as you recommit to your healing, to your shadow work, and to stay in your own energy. July's PDF download includes...

-Musings, rituals, and more on this Devil Supermoon in Capricorn by the brilliant Maria Minnis.

- Journaling prompts, suggestions, and encouragements to reaffirm and define your boundaries, alongside a delicious dessert recipe and suggested reading recommendations, and a special playlist to honor the dualities of this month.

- "Messages from a New Moon" by Taylor Ursula: a New Moon in Leo missive with reflection prompts, lunar assignments, and more.

Please note: Some of the content in the Moon Studio Guide is from the incredibly popular 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner, some content included is brand new. If you have the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner, you already have access to much of the content included in this offering.