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Tarot Constellations Online Workshop Replay Download: The Devil & The Lovers

Tarot Constellations Online Workshop Replay Download: The Devil & The Lovers

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What relationship do the Lovers & Devil archetypes have?

How can we grow personally from these cards?

This online workshop download explores Tarot constellations and Teacher cards through the lens of the Lovers constellation: the Lovers and Devil constellation in the Major Arcana, as well as the 6’s in the Minor Arcana. Sarah Faith Gottesdiener presents her original thoughts on how these archetypes connect and contrast, and how these connections can help us in magical, mystical, and practical ways.

Students will be given time to reflect on their Cards of the Year, and how that constellation might bring more awareness to these particular life themes. Students will leave with more clarity, and at least one or two more goals on how to make the most of the energy presented to you. 

This 2-hour long, online workshop download is also a reflection on relationships and relating integration, and balance. Different frameworks for engaging with the Tarot will be offered up, and participants will be asked to think and create their own for themselves. If you are interested in going deeper with the Tarot archetypes and how they relate to one another, this workshop download is for you.

Teacher cards and Tarot Constellations are an untapped resource within the Tarot to help us connect deeply to ourselves and to the messages of the cards. Tarot constellations guide us around learning and integrating specific themes of our development. Our knowledge of Tarot Constellations can deepen our practice as a whole: we can more easily connect with our own interpretations for “harder” cards, as well as see how these archetypes offer up wisdom for our own shadows and discomfort. 

Students Will Learn:

  • What Tarot Constellations are and why they are important
  • What Teacher cards are and how we can use them in our personal lives, divinatory work, and client readings
  • How Teacher cards can help deepen our own Tarot interpretations
  • The relationships between Tarot archetypes, using the Lovers constellation as our main focus
  • Another refreshing and interesting framework for relating to Tarot cards

Please have the following available for the download:

  • Notebook and pen
  • Tarot deck (a deck based on the Golden Dawn or Thoth tradition is preferred)
  • Water and snacks

This is an intermediate-level workshop download: participants should have a working knowledge of the structure of the Tarot deck, as well as familiarity with traditional interpretations and ease in inventing their own; this online workshop is interactive and will ask participants to reflect on their Tarot knowledge. If you've taken any of Sarah's Tarot workshops (Lovers Year, etc.), you will love this offering!

  • By purchasing this workshop download, you are confirming you are of sound spirit and mind. You understand that what you put into this self-directed study is what you get out of it. You take responsibility for any results that take place as a result of your investment.
  • By purchasing this workshop download, you acknowledge that the Moon Studio is not responsible for any technical difficulties that could potentially occur while downloading your purchase to your device.
  • For deaf and hard-of-hearing students: please email the studio your order number if you'd a transcript.
  • Please review the Moon Studio's Policies and Privacy Policy pages before you enroll. By signing up for this online workshop, you agree to the terms and conditions listed throughout this website. As always, the Moon Studio does not offer order cancellations, refunds, or returns.
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