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Love Expander Talisman

Love Expander Talisman

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An exclusive collaboration between Sarah Faith Gottesdiener and Leo Black: this magical object and talisman is a cosmic tool of support, beauty, and friendship in rituals, spells, and meditation. Fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand, or laying flat on your altar, this charm is a welcome companion in exploring the depths of the heart. The Love Expander is a reminder to listen to your heart. It serves as a symbol of what happens when you trust in heart-led intuition; a promise to always value and worship yourself first.

For all those ready to attract true love and ready to see psychic visions, this hand-carved brass heart is for the romantics who won’t settle until they are seen truly and adored completely. For those who know it starts within: the Love Expander will help you heal your heart, go deeper into self-worship, and activate intrinsic self-love.

The Love Expander is approximately 3/4” x 1”. Hand-carved with love and cast in solid brass: this heart features one 1.5mm diamond cut, 0.03ct white sapphire eye.
White sapphire symbolizes awareness and self-mastery! They connect you to your inner truth and highest self. White sapphire gently removes fears while bringing clarity to relationships.

Please note this talisman comes in finite quantities. Please allow 2-4 weeks for production and shipping.


Photography by Jeremy Sachs-Michaels 

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