Clear Channels

A weekend retreat for creators and business who want to find their voice, create their own algorithm, find their people, and make more money.

Do you want attract more clients, teach classes, or grow your own business without the hamster wheel of social media? Does the thought of sharing your work publicly fill you with overwhelm or fear?
Do you want a creative practice that feeds and nourishes your spirit?

If so, than Clear Channels is for you.
This is an offering that centers you and your gifts. Your work. Your voice. Your creativity. Your unique channel.

Because once you do that, you'll transmit a frequency that will attract your people to you.

In this weekend retreat, you'll be guided through everything you need to get started on clarifying your work and create a newsletter: the best way for you to make an income for your creative work, small business, or practice.

Energy △ Business ◯ Creativity ▢ Love △ Energy △ Business ◯ Creativity ▢ Love △

What you'll Receive

• 2, 5 hour long experiential sessions guided by Sarah, on Saturday, February 24th and 25th
• Practical and spiritual advice for channeling and content creation
• Everything you need to know to get a newsletter started, and people subscribing
• A 60 page starter kit to starting your newsletter, podcast, or blog
• Support for the next 4 weeks with our challenge: weekly accountability sessions where you can get feedback from Sarah and your cohort
• Weekly accountability sessions
• Access to all replays
• Everything is yours to keep forever
• A chance to connect to an amazing cohort of like-hearted creators

This is for you if...

• You run a business or want to start one
• You feel an urge to share your voice publicly, but don’t know how to begin
• You want to figure out how to create a consistent creative practice while also sharing publicly
• You want to learn about marketing from a non-bro in a way that isn't icky
• You want to strengthen your channel
• You need support around the fear or anxiety that comes up around sharing
• You want tips on how to share publicly as an introvert or private person
• You want to receive everything Sarah knows about this topic

This is not for you if...

• You refuse to put yourself or your creations out there
• You don’t have an intrinsic motivation around creating something
• You aren't willing to take action this year
• You aren't open to being in process, or taking imperfect action
• You refuse to meditate, to channel, or express yourself freely


Sarah’s workshops are always more than what you might expect and the connections she’s able to make and share are like a lightbulb in my head.

—Melissa K., Clear Channels Participant

Sarah’s workshops are always more than what you might expect and the connections she’s able to make and share are like a lightbulb in my head.

Jody A., Clear Channels Participant

I haven’t yet finished watching all of it but I know that this is a Treasure Trove…Just absolutely beautiful…Thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful workshop!

Mariana C., Clear Channels Participant

Clear Channelswas an incredible container and incubator! I consider myself motivated and structured, (neuro-spicey gal here so I need. that. structure!), and I found your class to be the perfect balance of structure coupled with energetic hygiene, intuition, and serious thoughtfulness. 

Danielle F., Clear Channels Participant

Sarah offers frameworks that simplify complex ideas, insights that create aha moments, and original content that resonated with the poetic/tarot-loving side of me. I signed up because I was feeling stuck in my creative process and needed clarity on what to focus on to refresh my newsletter and get writing again. We covered A LOT of information and the value of doing this live weekend workshop to really dig deep was simply unquantifiable. It was the perfect blend of inspiration, exploration, and practical implementation. 

Corinne K., Clear Channels Participant

Thank you for the wonderful workshop this weekend! I am so excited and energized afterward and ready to start writing newsletters!

Wendy D., Clear Channels Participant

Meet Sarah

Multi-hyphenate. Artist. Author.Designer. Business Owner. Tarot Scholar. Mystic. Creative Director. Student and practitioner. Dog mom.

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener has run a business for the last 11 years. She has done this through sharing her voice and images on-line: first through a blog, then through her newsletter. 66% of the Moon Studio’s income comes from our newsletter.

Our newsletter has, on average, a 63% open rate: almost unheard of. Sarah has learned everything about being a channel —creating art, design, and words that connect with the right people. She has also learned a lot about creating a newsletter that works. This is a skill that every small business owner, artist, author, or creative should have.

Clear Channels is her gift to you.


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