Sarah Faith Gottesdiener lives and works in Los Angeles. Sarah is an artist, designer, writer, teacher, and Tarot Reader. Sarah’s artwork and designs are based in the spiritual, feminist, and mystical. You can shop her intersectional feminist line of clothing, accessories, art and paper goods through her store, the Moon Studio.


Sarah’s design clients range from corporate to non-profit and small businesses. For the past 3 years she has been writing and publishing the cult classic workbooks Many Moons. Sarah also teaches workshops in her local LA as well as the Bay, New York, Salem, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


Sarah has been reading and studying various aspects of the Tarot for 12 years—having studied and practiced for 7 years before taking clients.  Sarah views the Tarot as a beautiful visual map of our collective journey: where one is at, where one has been, and where one is going to be. Her readings are focused on the most information that you need to hear, in this moment, in order to get feedback about your present situation and make changes in the service of your best self. Sarah believes in the power of hearing issues, questions, and dreams mirrored back to oneself in the service of affirmation and transformation. Tarot creates a sacred space of reflection and expansion. Sarah has given Tarot readings professionally with one-on-one clients, couples, for workplace teams, and events. Her accurate, compassionate, and practical readings are in the service of healing and help. She considers it a huge gift and honor to be able to tell strangers sacred truths about their unique paths and evolution! Sarah is no longer taking new Tarot clients at this time—if her books open again that will be announced first on her Moonbeaming newsletter!


Sarah also leads workshops on a variety of different metaphysical topics including Moonbeaming, Tarot, Intuition, Moon Money Magic, and more. 


Sarah Gottesdiener is the author and publisher of the Many Moons Workbooks and Lunar Planners. The last edition of Many Moons workbook was published in July 2018. Sarah’s evergreen book from St. Martin’s Press, The Moon Book, was published in 2020.




The Moon Studio is an intersectional feminist line of clothing, accessories, art, paper goods and publications by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener. Established in 2007, under the name Modern Women, the Moon Studio offers ethically made, uniquely designed pieces that are based in the spiritual, feminist, and mystical from Sarah’s Los Angeles studio. Each Moon Studio piece is designed by Sarah herself, and produced in the USA.


Through the Moon Studio, Sarah Gottesdiener also offers educational, online workshops on a variety of topics from Moonbeaming (working with lunar cycles) to intention setting and more. 


For stores interested in carrying Moon Studio work, please contact the studio.


The Moon Studio is currently comprised of Sarah, her studio manager, and her studio assistant. We collaborate with and employ a variety of freelancers who help contribute to the Moon Studio’s online courses and workshops, Many Moons publications, and other studio offerings. 




Can I book you for a Tarot reading?

I am currently only working with my existing clients. I send out my availability via email about once a month to existing clients only. You can work with me by signing up for my online courses and workshops.


Can you recommend other Tarot readers?

Rashunda Tramble of Stay Woke Tarot, Eliza Swann, Cassandra Snow, and Danielle Dionne


What Tarot deck do you use?

Picking your own Tarot deck is personal and really intimate. I suggest choosing a deck that “feels” right to you, instead of what someone suggests. Check out Aeclectic Tarot, or Taschen's latest Tarot book to look up decks and figure out what imagery is appealing to you.


Can you recommend books on Tarot? For beginners?

I learned Tarot a long time ago, through the books of Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack. My studio is releasing a project around working with the Tarot in spring, subscribe to my Moonbeaming newsletter to learn more.


How do I figure out my Tarot Card of the Year or my Soul Card?

Head over to this studio blog post to learn more.


Can you recommend books on Magic?

The works of Starhawk and Matt Auryn's Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation are good places. I wrote a book about lunar magic you can purchase by clicking here. I suggest reading books that correspond to your ancestry, as well as books that cover a particular interest you have magically. For example, reading herbal magic books, protection magic books, or books on Thelema or the Kabbalah.


I want to become a professional Tarot reader. How much should I charge? How did you figure out pricing?

I was an avid student of Tarot for 7 years—reading for friends—before I began seeing clients professionally. Then, I began charging a rate that I thought was comparable for a beginner. Each year I would raise my rates accordingly. I believe you need to be a competent reader and space holder fluent in the structure of Tarot in order to begin seeing others. You also need to be a counselor of sorts, an excellent communicator, have impeccable energetic boundaries, and know what your particular strengths as a reader are. This takes time. This is an art and a craft and folks should understand that. I also believe we need to charge for our work accordingly based on expertise and time we’ve spent honing our craft. I would not expect a beginning reader to charge the same rate as a seasoned practitioner who has read for thousands of people. I figured out rates that felt good for me when I understood the value of my work.


I am a brand/practitioner and are interested in sponsoring Sarah on her social media or podcast. How do I do that?

I occasionally work with brands/folks that I align with. My podcast, Moonbeaming, is currently booking sponsorships for Season 3. If that’s you, send my studio an email at love@moon-studio.co with what you have in mind.


How can I get started with lunar cycle living?

Start by tracking and collaborating with your energy. Start by noticing and beginning a relationship with the Moon. Read my book, take my online courses and workshops, and listen to my podcast.


How do you suggest I connect with my intuition?

I can’t answer that simply or succinctly. No one could. The great news is everyone is intuitive and there are endless ways to activate it. I have an online course called Elemental Intuition that you can take to start.


I have questions about my own Tarot pull, can you help me?

I can’t. This is your work to do, not mine. It could be time to book a reading with a professional Tarot reader, teacher, or coach.


How can I work with the Many Moons Planner if I am not a planner person?

Work with it as a journal and a record of your energy. There are dozens of rituals, spells, journaling prompts, and other suggestions for you to try that last forever and are evergreen. If that fails, use it as a paperweight or cat attractor: these are its other purposes.

We also offer monthly guides with tarot spreads, ritual suggestions, recipes, journaling prompts, and more that you can get here.


I am an agnostic/atheist/a self-identifying skeptic, how/can I still practice magic/Moonbeaming?

There are many ways. I can’t get into all of them, but keep an open mind and consider the resources listed on this page. I go into this on a recent recording on my Patreon.


Can you share your experiences with self-publishing?

I work with a local printer and suggest you find a printer local to you and begin there. If you don’t want to do that, try LULU or Blurb. Of course, first, you have to have a book written, fact-checked, and copyedited. So begin there!