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We teach classes on intuition, energy and energetic hygiene, creativity, emotional alchemy, money, conscious business, and more. All so you can learn, heal, transform and grow.

With an emphasis on teachings for the highly sensitive, creative, and spiritually-aligned, the Moon Studio has proudly taught over 4,500 conscious and curious humans.

Energy △ Business ◯ Creativity ▢ Love △ Energy △ Business ◯ Creativity ▢ Love △

Upcoming Classes at the Studio

Clear Channels:

Trust and share your voice, your art, your work.

Do you see clients, teach classes, or want to grow your own business without social media? Does the thought of sharing about your work publicly fill you with overwhelm or fear?

If so, this online workshop series is for you.

FEBRUARY 24th & 25th 10am PST – 4pm PST

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I've taken this class three times, and gotten something different each time. Sarah's teachings are such a gift, and as a longtime student, I can not recommend her work enough. Her raw honesty, generosity, wisdom, and exercises for personal growth and transformation are a major influence on how I view my own path to grounded embodiment. 

Lorelei R., client and student
Embodying abundance has been incredibly transformative for me. Receiving has consistently been challenging for me but now it feels like there’s joy, ease and so much space for that. Don’t sleep on the meditations! I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is feeling constricted in any part of their life.  
Juliet M., multiple course participant

Clear Channels was an incredible container and incubator! I consider myself motivated and structured, (neuro-spicey gal here so I need. that. structure!), and I found your class to be the perfect balance of structure coupled with energetic hygiene, intuition, and serious thoughtfulness. 

Danielle N.

Sarah works with a tremendously caring intelligence that facilitates deep change.

Leila O., Embodying Abundance Participant

This class is making major positive shifts in long-standing patterns for me and I am extremely grateful.

Sarah Lauren

Sarah’s workshops are always more than what you might expect and the connections she’s able to make and share are like a lightbulb in my head. 

- Colleen S., multiple workshop participant

Sarah and team, incredible work. I just finished the Protection Magic classes and wanted to say, wow.

This course was like a homecoming I didn't realize I needed, thank you for your magic. Deeply appreciate all that you do.

Christene S., Protection Magic Class

Meet Sarah

Multi-hyphenate. Artist. Author. Designer. Business Owner. Tarot Scholar. Mystic. Creative Director. Student and practitioner. Dog mom.

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener has run a business for the last 11 years. She has done this through sharing her voice and images on-line: first through a blog,then through her newsletter. 66% of the Moon Studio’s income comes from our newsletter. Our newsletter has, on average, a 63% open rate: almost unheard of. Sarah has learned everything about being a channel and creating a newsletter that works, and it’s a skill every small business owner, artist, author, or creative should have. Clear Channels is her gift to you.

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