Embodying Abundance 2023 Online Course

What would change if you felt more abundant?

If you had more time?

More capacity?

How would your relationship with your body change?
Would you be more creative? Take more risks? Make more money? Be of service more?

A lot can change when we show up in our inherent worth, over and over.

Abundance is a practice.

It begins within.

Embodying Abundance is a 5-week online course by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener designed for you to connect to and create more abundance in your life.

You will create definitions of abundance for yourself and connect those to behaviors that will redesign your life.

You will learn ways to transform scarcity so that it will be a messenger, not the driver of your
self-image and life.

Through hypnosis, somatic exercises, self-inquiry, aligned action, and small and steady habit change, you will show up more for yourself, your dreams, and the world.

Starting May 18th, Embodying Abundance is a live series of workshops that dive into what abundance means practically, magically, and personally.

If you've ever felt inherently "not enough," or "too much," then Embodying Abundance is for you!

If you feel like scarcity is running the show, stopping you from rest, pleasurable activities, or rest, then Embodying Abundance is for you.

What You'll Receive:

  • Five weekly classes that meet for two hours, that include frameworks that will shift your consciousness, practices that work, lectures, shares, designed to meet you where you are and create change and expansion
  • Supportive, generous worksheets and meditations to support you and keep you focused
  • A private, intimate, online community of like-hearted folks to share progress and more resources
  • Additional weekend gatherings: Yoga for Expansion, Energy Work for Abundance, Decolonizing Prosperity, and Ethical Investing
  • All the tools you'll need to create shifts, tap into more abundance, and be able to clear away scarcity-induced anxiety
  • Access to guidance from Sarah Faith Gottesdiener for the duration of the course


"It was such a special and insightful workshop—your lectures were jam packed with so much wisdom, I plan on rewatching them all. I also got so much out of the shares. I am so grateful for the resources of this workshop. I am already looking forward to another opportunity to take an extended workshop with you!" —Claire C.

“This class has been so amazing. The group culture is so supportive and I just love the way Sarah's presence feels. It really does feel like magic that I have come out of these few short weeks having made so much progress on my goal. Abundance is a way of living in the present, real, messy world.” — Megan C.

Embody your Abundance

This is for you if:

You're ready to experience more ease, space, and grace in your everyday life

You're ready to heal the wounds of "not enough" or "too much"

You're ready to take messy, imperfect action towards your personal goals and dreams

You want to develop more capacity for pleasure, fun, and connection

You want to stop overworking, self-sabotaging, and hiding your gifts

You're ready to stop feeling guilty for having needs, wanting certain things, or taking up more space

You enjoy critical thinking, and appreciate discussions of systemic oppression, the nervous system, and neuroplasticity interwoven into spiritual and depth-psychology frameworks

You yearn to make a difference in the world, using your energy, talents, and abundance for the greater good

After our time together, you'll be more confident, more intuitive, and more available to receive. Past participants have quit unhealthy jobs, asked for raises, taken more control of their finances, healed intergenerational wounds, and felt more of an active participant of their own lives.

Enrollment for Embodying Abundance ends Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 in the morning, or as soon as it sells out.

The Schedule

Week 1: Connecting to Abundance: Embodiment, Mindset, and Defining Abundance for Yourself 
Thursday, May 18th, 2023 from 5 pm - 7 pm PT

Week 2: Transforming Scarcity: Contexts and Frameworks for Changing Your Relationship to Lack 
Thursday, May 25th, 2023 from 5 pm - 7 pm PT

Week 3: Taking Aligned Action, The Nervous System, Attachment Styles, and Abundance + Group Shares/Group Coaching, & Check-In 
Thursday, June 1st, 2023 from 5 pm - 7 pm PT

Week 4: Money Magic: Have Fun, Make More Cash
Thursday, June 8th, 2023 from 5 pm - 7 pm PT

Week 5: Abundance as a Way of Life: Integration, Moving forward + Group Shares/Group Coaching 
Thursday, June 15th, 2023 from 5 pm - 7 pm PT

Each week includes worksheets and action items, so that week by week, you'll integrate, add new habits, and practice new tools and techniques. This is how you will make sustainable, long-lasting change.

There are four additional online gatherings. They are:

Intention Setting & Energy Work Session

May 21st: 10-11 am PT

Yoga for Opening to Abundance with Monica Magtoto

May 28th: 10 am-11 am PT

Let’s get physical! In this yoga class, we’ll explore opening our physical selves in order to receive, and become more expansive. 

Aligning with Creation & Cultivating Abundance: Wealth From a Decolonial lens with Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza 

June 4th 1 pm-2 pm PT

How can we step away from a harmful Western, extractive lens when thinking about abundance? What can we learn and implement from taking a decolonial lens? 

In the workshop, Dr. Rocio Rosales Meza will respond to inquiries around this topic. 

You’ll reflect on the values you’d like to bring into your own abundance practice. 

Dr. Meza will answer questions from the group, and we’ll do some exercises together to bring this energy into our bodies. 

How to Invest (More) EthicallyInvesting Foundations + Ethical Investing with Amanda Holden 

June 11th: 10-11:30 am PT

Do you want to "be good at money," but capitalism stresses you out?

We’re getting our hands dirty on all things ethical investing.

Covered in this 90-minute live workshop:

-How to invest in a socially responsible way

-Making decisions that are both financially and ethically good

-The impact of ethical investing — does it work?

-Understanding the costs involved in ethical investing 

This will be a hearty and honest discussion about investing and money within our flawed capitalist system. Cut through the noise and confusion and learn about the decisions that really matter. 

Amanda Holden is an award-winning money writer, speaker, educator, and ex-finance bro. You may know her as @dumpster.doggy on the internet, where she can be found dishing out financial literacy education and flaunting her best #trashion outfits!


"Sarah’s abundance workshop was such a gift. It illuminated so many key elements, pain points and growth opportunities. I made time to investigate, sit with and experience profound shifts.

Within a day, it was revealed to me the generational scarcity stories I was been buying into. With Sarah’s well structured guidance I was able to move through the challenging stages of acknowledgment and into what I can only describe as a quantum leap!! An upgrade!

I love how magical and yet very practical and action based this workshop is. It was such a powerful and supportive group. " —Susan A.

“I purchased the Embodying Abundance course and have been doing so much work around my relationship to money and acknowledging my worth since then. I work in a helping profession that has long held selflessness and martyrdom as unspoken values, and a few weeks ago asked for a raise for the first time in my life (a big one). My request was not only heard and honored, but my colleagues were offered a significant salary increase as well.

My intention in writing this is just to say a big thank you, as your course really helped me to find confidence in taking this vulnerable step. Your work changes lives, and hopefully together we can continue to facilitate some collective shifts. THANK YOU! ” — Laura F.

About Sarah:

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is a facilitator, designer, author, and creator of the Moon Studio. She has taught over 4,000 people how to transform their lives by making the spiritual practical.

A former under earner and workaholic with a serious chronic illness, Sarah has transformed her relationship to scarcity, and now she wants to share her experiences and knowledge with you!

Sarah's teaching style is warm, direct, and generous. You'll receive somatic and neuroplasticity exercises as well as supportive paradigm shifts to help you connect to abundance, transform scarcity, and create more calm, capacity, and connection in your life.

Sarah has worked for Nike, Sephora, and taught at Otis and Scripps. Her independent podcast Moonbeaming has been downloaded over 1 million times, and she is the author of the best selling book: The Moon Book. She lives with her partner and dogs in Los Angeles.


I can't make all the live gatherings. Is that ok?

Yes, it is fine if you can't make all the live classes. We ask that you try to make half of them, and that you follow along with the material, infusing it into your everyday: this is how shift happens.

Everyone receives the replay within 24 hours of the gathering, for you to access at your own pace and leisure. The material is yours to keep, forever.

I'm new to introspection and change work. Is this for me?

Yes! The classes are designed to meet you wherever you are. Sarah is an experienced teacher of ages 3-60 (really!), and the community that gathers is amazing, considerate, and compassionate.

Is this some hippie, fluffy bs? I need tools that work.

Sarah designs her classes to work practically! Like you, she is a sceptic and wants what she invests in to work. All our classes address: energetics, techniques, frameworks, mindset work, and most importantly, ACTION. Yes, we can give you all the spells and meditations (and we will!) but unless you take action, you will not see change. This is a container designed to help you transform from the inside out.

Feel free to read our testimonials for this class.

Feel free to contact us for more!

I'd love to become more familiar with Sarah's teaching style before enrolling. Where can I do that?

Great question! You can listen to past episodes of Sarah's podcast, Moonbeaming, for more info. Simply search for 'abundance,' or her business episodes, for more.

You can also enroll in Sarah's Money Alchemy workshop, which could be ALL you need to transform your relationship to money.

Join Embodying Abundance

Enrollment for Embodying Abundance ends Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 in the morning, or as soon as it sells out.