April New Moon

April New Moon

Happy New Moon Spring Times!
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The New Moon was exact this Monday, March 27th.
With it, we begin a new cycle of growth and change.
It's finally beginning to feel like Spring.

From the Many Moons Workbook:

"This New Moon falls on a Monday, the Sun is currently in Aries. Astrologically, Mars rules Aries. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun. Ironically, while the planet is red from rust the actual temperature is very cold—about minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The planet has two small satellite moons, Phobos (which measures 17 miles across) and Deimos (9 miles across)—not visible to the naked eye. Phobos means "fear" and Deimos means "panic." They are named after the two sons of Mars, his attendants and companions. One of the most important Roman deities, Mars rules conflict, passion, energy and war.

However, in some adaptions of the Roman myth of Mars I can across, Juno (wife to Jupiter, queen of the gods) gave birth to her son Mars after encountering a magic plant. Some ancient potent herbalism, perhaps? Mars was originally associated with agriculture, the Earth, springtime, vegetation, fertility, and nature. Over time, associations with Mars became mainly war, the hunt, and victory in battles. This is why modern-day astrology links the planet to action, sex, desire, lust, instinct, hot emotions, and survival. The ancient Romans honored him in his month, March, this month. At that time their military schedule resumed and so did new life in the fields and farms. I point all this out only to illustrate how so many of the ruling thought structures in our lives, whether it be calendar and time, archetypes and symbology, are mutable and change according to different factors. Many are truly ancient and now arbitrary. We don't have to assign the same meanings we've been taught. We can research origins and invent new meanings.

The New Moon time, to me, is ALL about inventing different meanings: what success, love, values, and behaviors resemble to us now. Who we see ourselves to be, and with some coaxing, what might we become? It's about wishing, dreaming big, intention setting, and spell casting. We go deep into ourselves, away from limitation, back into our singular imagination, our wildest self. Our feral inner child wants to rip her clothes off, untie her sneakers and shove her feet into the scintillating dry sieve of sand by her favorite beach. The luxuriant self moves around like a weirdo fuzzy rainbow colored pipe cleaner while we do our dishes, loudly humming our favorite tune. The New Moon time is optimal for asking "What if? Why not?" Let you mind wander, let possibilities undulate. Improvisations into undefined territory are integral connection to our resonance, connecting to our bodies and to impulse. Most of us were taught to behave, suck it in, to conform to the dominant culture's rules for what we were and were not, depending on outclass, race, gender, religion, sexuality, looks, etc.. Let this time be a chance to reimagine the world based upon the most exciting "what ifs."

This time is a germination period, a dripping secret, the favorite Ace card. The traditional New Moon time is a Moon devoid of any reflection, a blank slate. We can plant seeds here.The quiet of this period is a beautiful blank slate. Seeds need darkness to grow. They need water, air, light. They need the ground to be nourished, warmth to be in place. All these conditions tending to a mystery.

Let this New Moon be a time of dwelling in the imagination, of gathering fiery ways of being into growing forms. Remember: the seed does not know what its final form will take, yet it still pushes forth. We can plant seeds verbally, with our behavior, in our relationships, with our talents, our mindset, will, faith, our kindness, and our love."

-From Many Moons

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