April New Moon: Shake Up Your Foundation

April New Moon: Shake Up Your Foundation

This entry is for Many Moons Vol 1 is written by the brilliant acupuncturist, writer, and healer Erin Telford. Erin is also leading a virtual guided breath work session around this entry, and the writing exercise contained in this workbook. I just completed a breath work teacher training with her, and I can wholeheartedly endorse Erin and this work; in short, my mind is blown by her and this work.  Learn more and sign up here!

Shake Up Your Foundation

By Erin Telford

The New Moon in Taurus rises as a sleek sliver before the dawn on April 26th. The seeds that we planted at the Spring Equinox have cracked open and are beginning to extend the brave tendrils of our intentions toward the warming sun. The energy of Spring rises up and out like a beautiful strong tree. It brings new life and growth. It restores vigor and energy for our hopes and dreams. There can be a mild restlessness that we can channel into shaking and shimmying off those old skins to make way for our own rebirth.

The Sabian Symbol for this seventh degree of Taurus is the Woman of Samaria at the Ancestral Well. The story of this woman is that she lived wildly outside of the bounds of society for her time. She was unmarried and living with her man and dared to go out in the middle of the day to draw water from the well (gasp!). When she was there she ran into Jesus and he revealed himself to her as the liberator and savior of the people. He couldn't show his true identity to men or anyone else attached to the old tribal order of society. He could only reveal himself to this woman because she was free and not caught up in whom everybody else thought she was supposed to be, even though it was probably a little dangerous for her.

With this moon, you have the opportunity to have a meeting with a way of being that is so new and different for you that it transcends your usual patterns. Healing does require you to get a little or a lot uncomfortable because you need to be outside the bounds of "normal" in order to shake yourself loose from the grip of the structures of your life. There is a little bit of anarchy that wants to come through with this moon. The flavor of this rebellion is deeply rooted in freedom. This is not a maiden's game. This is Crone Zone, Mama Gaia, not-having-it revolution.

It is one of the deepest kinds of pleasure to live life with complete self-permission and on your own terms. No one is immune to social conditioning and we all carry a biological need to be accepted by the herd—even if it is a band of beloved outsiders that we have chosen as our family. We are still allowed to strive to create a life that looks the way we would love it to. There is so much suffering that happens when you follow the script and your life looks good on paper but you are miserable. Many people think something must be wrong with them if they have checked all the appropriate boxes and are still unhappy.

You are allowed to Make It All Up. Every single bit of it: what you are allowed to feel, how you are allowed to express yourself, how you are allowed to look, what is important to you and what isn't, who and what you surround yourself with, where you live, what you do for a living, what makes you happy. Even if you are severely under-resourced right now, you still hold dominion over your thoughts and your imagination.

This is a chance to seek higher, dream without restraints, and cut a new path. Old voices of external or internal authority can soften now in the face of self-compassion. Rigid and formal rules and beliefs can be a way to provide armor against deep sensitivity. Taureans are fixed Earth signs who appear calm and collected on the outside but are often emotionally swirling on the inside. Venus, Taurus's ruling planet, can give us a safe container of Divine Mother energy to hold space for us as we spark this inner uprising.

Our job is to stay in our bodies and trust ourselves while we invite and encourage a radical shift to come in that can expand and redefine our reality. It is time for us to decide for ourselves what we want and how badly we want it. When we are full up on spirit, passion, motivation, elation, creativity, freedom, and peace, everybody wins. You can create an agenda that benefits you and in turn, benefits all beings because you are satiated, satisfied, and overflowing with EXTRA: extra grace, extra love, extra vitality, extra generosity, extra compassion, extra flexibility, extra patience, and extra kindness.

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