August 2019 New Moon Supermoon

August 2019 New Moon Supermoon

At the very end of this month, on Friday—the day that traditionally corresponds with Venus, the archetype of love, beauty, and values—we enjoy our New Moon time of August. It is also a Supermoon, which means it is as close as it can be to our planet in the elliptical orbit it takes around the earth.

The summer is ending, and the season of fall awaits us. On a practical level, any organization as it pertains to your everyday, your business / career, or the space you inhabit would be useful to take care of around this New Moon time. It may also be a good time to look back to the Virgo Full Moon, six months ago. Revisit or remember your desires, goals, and preoccupations at this time. Does it feel necessary to continue on with going after these goals, or has your life evolved in a different way?

The season of fall, just around the corner, is synonymous with change, with letting go, with quieting. Take time this weekend to reflect on what might be changing inside of you. What unhelpful habits are ready to leave? What cruel stories about your precious self are you ready to let go of? Maybe there are changes happening externally, that are affecting you as well. This New Moon is an opportunity to touch base with how you are centering yourself in your relationship to who you know yourself to truly be. It is important to come back to ourselves. Our relationship to self is always our most intimate.

As this Moon cycle begins, this may be a good time to check in with the constellation of your values. Our values fluctuate and shift as we do. When our values are clearly defined, we have a solid ground, a firm base to come back to, an easier way to make decisions. These values can include philosophies, talents, qualities, belief systems, certain relationships, and so many other integral ways that we arrange our world.

Happy New Moon!