August 2022 New Moon

August 2022 New Moon

Saturday, August 27th
New Moon
in Virgo 4°04'
1:18 am PST 

Spellwork for Creative Hygiene
by Monica Magtoto

When I am starting a new creative project or entering a new phase in my life, I often feel like the beginning is the hardest part. Those first few steps can feel uncomfortable or even unsafe. The beginning can feel messy. I want to encourage you to sit in the discomfort, remembering that it’s temporary. The New Moon is a perfect time for this work.

The following are some rituals and spells that can help you start, or start over. I’m using the creative process as an example, but you can use this any time you are beginning a new chapter of your life or a new creative project. Feel free to do one, two, or all of these suggestions in succession. You can also add your own elements in as you see fit. You can start as early as three days before the New Moon, or as late as three days after the New Moon. Give yourself some grace and begin when it feels right.

1. A Spell for Clearing Out the Old

One thing that can help with new beginnings is clearing out the stagnant energy that old projects/phases can leave in our bodies/energy fields. Here are some suggestions for clearing out your brain/energetic body:

On a piece of paper, make a brain dump of all of the shoulda-coulda-wouldas, as well as the successes and triumphs from the last chapter of your life. Thank them for their service. Give them a proper send-off. You can burn them in a pot on the stove (safely) and flush them down the toilet. Grieving is sometimes a part of this process. Be gentle with yourself.

If you’re working with some particularly sticky energy or feelings, it can be helpful to take a bath or shower with Epsom salts and/or light a white candle to assist in clearing out. Alternatively, you can move your body! Dance, shake, roll around on the floor. Do some deep breathing—inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth—let that shit go!

Suggested ingredients:
• A long walk
• Obsidian or black tourmaline or onyx
• Saltwater
• White candles
• Soothing or mournful music
• Crying

To read the rest of Monica's spells for creative hygiene under this Virgo New Moon, download the August Guide or grab a copy of the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner


Monica Magtoto is an energy worker, yoga instructor, and artist from San Francisco, CA. Magtoto believes that all work is Spirit Work. Everything we do is a collaboration between the universe and ourselves. In her work, Magtoto holds space for her clients to find their inner strength and wisdom to aid them along their healing path. You can find her at and and on IG at @magtotoart and @_.sanasana.