August New Moon

August New Moon

Happy August New Moon!

Below is an excerpt from my Many Moons Workbook about this time:

"Stepping forth into your own light requires commitment. Rising up to meet
your own greatness will not work if there is a large portion of you that doesn't
believe that you are majestic.
During this New Moon in Leo phase, I invite you to brush away any self-doubt you have about how amazing you are, and start relishing the power that you do have.
The more we express ourselves to our strengths, the more our heart shines like the sun, and the more fortuitous events come our way. When horrible, unplanned events do threaten to topple us over, if we are sitting in our own pod of love and power, we recover faster, have greater resources to meet challenges, and retain our own lovingkindness to in spite of shitty situations going on beyond our control..."
The suggested affirmation is:
"I give myself permission.
To Shine.
To take up
the space that is mine."

One last order of the workbook is coming my way, and should be shipping by this Friday/Saturday. You can order it here. 

Sending you shiny love.