August 2020 New Moon

August 2020 New Moon

This Tuesday, a lovely New Moon greets us. It is the last lunar cycle of the high summer. This New Moon is a fire Moon in a fiery season. Vibrant, friendly fireworks of sunflowers wave hello in the garden. We stay up later, we dance longer. Some of us in the Northern Hemisphere are on vacation, thinking about vacation, taking a break, or spending the majority of our focus on the external. This is the time to have fun and enjoy the heat. This heated energy can also veer off into defensiveness, arguments, and violence. Be mindful of what your heat needs to be operating in its best expression. The heat could need more water to cool it down. Your heat could need more earth to ground into.

This New Moon asks us to take the surrounding fire energy and use it to alchemize our desires. Alchemy is an active process, one that needs fire—the spark, the flash, the burning yearning is necessary. So are other elements. The inspiration needs the air of language to name it and explain. The flash of desire needs the tangibility of earth to reassure us that our magic is real. The spark needs the movement of water to keep it circulating. We all need Spirit as an anchor and a channel—Spirit as a way to stay connected to the greater whole; Spirit as a mirror of wonder, mystery, and support; Spirit as a reminder that we are always co-creating: so let’s not get too attached to outcomes. Let’s practice trust and surrender as a part of the life lesson we all get to learn!

This is a perfect New Moon to think about what you are creating. To focus on the experiences you are making. The quality of your life force, the quality of your life. This is a perfect New Moon to cast a fire spell around any of these themes: moving forward on matters of the heart, prioritizing your creativity and creative practice, focusing on more connection, more laughter, more courage, more love.

When one is humanifesting or making magic, we aren’t just wishing and hoping. We are actively reconfiguring our inner and outer worlds. We are committed to radically changing our lives. This is the time to take action. This is the New Moon to follow through on our instincts: to connect with our fiery intuition.

Part of the process is figuring out what exactly needs to change. Parsing out what new behaviors, helpful reframing, and different approaches need to happen. Working backwards from our desire can be where we begin.

Ask yourself: “What would someone who is making X amount of dollars do?” “What are things that someone who had a healthy and generative creative process think?” “What would happen if I centered my needs first and foremost?” “Who would I be without this fear?” etc. Out of that questioning comes your action plan. When you do this from a tapped in, calm space, your natural intelligence and intuition will provide the answers.

—Excerpt from the 2020 Many Moons Lunar Planner.

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