December 2020 New Moon Solar Eclipse

December 2020 New Moon Solar Eclipse

How New Worlds Are Born

New Moon in Sagittarius Monday, December 14th at 8:17 am PST
Total Solar Eclipse at 8:15 am PST

On Monday, December 14th, another lunar cycle begins.

This is a New Moon. It is also a total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius: the archetype that corresponds with healing, learning, visions, philosophies, travel, and wildness. Think back to this summer, to June—this is when our last Solar Eclipse occurred. Look to that time to see how far you’ve come.

Another cycle might be beginning for you now.
Activate it by naming it, writing it down.
Actualize it by taking actions that correspond to the fire of your desires.

In New Age land, on the internet, and in workshops, there is constant talk of “letting go” and “release”. Usually around Full Moons—which in traditional witchcraft is quite an inaccurate practice—but really, all the time. Rarely are any tools or techniques actually given around this vague notion.

What if nothing really ever goes away? What if everything still exists, but we can change the frequency—rewrite the stories? What if all we are learning can help others when we choose to lay it out as a means of teaching?

A more transformative, or simply easier, practice is to take our rage, our sorrow, our discontent, and make art. Create something. It doesn’t matter if the original seed is dissatisfaction. No one will ever know, not unless you want them to. Create tangible alternatives. Step around your ego or your crumpled-napkin-self, into play and improvisation. This is how new worlds are born.

Another fruitful practice, in lieu of release, is shifting your focus. Maybe that is all release is: dropping the awareness, the attention, the focus, the clenched fist. Placing all the attention and awareness you can on positive, or at the very least, neutral items. Imaging different outcomes. Creating sparks, within yourself. Fanning flames.

When we imagine, different areas of our brain light up. When we imagine, we are envisioning liberatory outcomes that over time—with perseverance and tending—reality catches up with. Everything that exists now was once imagined. Don’t ever forget that you get to imagine too. That your imaginations can become real with the shapes that your tracks make, with the blueprints you decide to create.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it is a cold New Moon. It is a dark New Moon. It is a total Eclipse of the Moon: the sun and Moon appear on top of one another in the sky. In less than one week, we greet the Solstice—the days will be getting longer soon. In the meantime, we must keep ourselves and others warm. Remaining optimistic, sustaining our energy in these dark times is imperative. At this New Moon Solar Eclipse, do what you need to do to keep your flame lit.