December 2023 Full Moon

December 2023 Full Moon

Tuesday, December 26th
Full Moon
in Cancer 28°58'
4:32 pm PT

Divine Yourself: Full Moon in Cancer
by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

The year ends similar to how it began: with a Full Moon in Cancer, fitting for this close to our Chariot year. Themes of place, homecomings, belonging, trust, imagination, spiritual fulfillment, and rewriting ancestral narratives will all bubble up at this time. Many archetypes in the Tarot have to do with belonging; most spiritual traditions are concerned with this, for when we belong to ourselves, we know ourselves, and when we know ourselves, it’s easiest to carry out Spirit’s will. The process of figuring out what is in spiritual alignment for us is also called divination. It’s not necessarily what will happen in the future that is as important as who we have become once we get there. The Chariot teaches us that divination is found in living, in taking action, and in the courageous act of self-actualization.

Full Moons are optimal for divinatory practices, as all levels and layers of our consciousness can be illuminated with the most ease. (This is one of the reasons why folks can get overwhelmed at this time — it’s a challenge and a confrontation to experience the information revealed from within, or the future, or the subtle realms, or our guides and angels.) All of our parts awaken, open, and communicate with us. We open up to support from all realms as we come home to ourselves.

On this Full Moon, divine yourself.

You predict the future by becoming it. Divination unites our personal will with the will of the divine. The etymology of the word divinare means “inspired by god or a god.” When we are tapped into something greater than ourselves, miracles take place.

— Excerpt from the 2023 Many Moons Lunar Planner. To read the rest of Sarah Faith Gottesdiener's Full Moon in Cancer essay and access her exclusive affirmations for this lunation, get your copy of Many Moons. You can order the 2024 edition here