December New Moon

December New Moon

New Moon in Sagittarius, December 17th: 10:31 PM PST

“Dreaming is free.” —Blondie

Here we are, right into the last New Moon of the year. At the New Moon, the Moon rises in the morning. We can’t see it, though. How strange: a fresh blank slate, climbing higher in the sky in the morning, yet one that is invisible to us. So much like a dream, clasped dearly inside our heart, fluttering gently like two moth wings touching together in the thin cold air of the evening.

The last time the Moon was in a “major” moon phase in Sagittarius, it was six months ago, during the Full Moon in June. Can you believe how time flies? What has transpired in your life, relative to some pulsing gaping goals, in the last six months? How far have you come? During this last Full Moon of the year, consider your accomplishments. Reflect on improvements and progress. Some of our most prized trophies must come from recognizing internal achievements.

At that time, the Strawberry Full Moon, the ask was to think about embodiment. To invite in ALL the emotions, feelings, or sensations that correlate with your goals. Terrifying and exciting. Nerve-wracking and rejuvenating. Because that’s usually how it goes, this life thing. All at once, a sacrifice for a blessing, a blessing that is a sacrifice.

What has come true for you in the last six months?

What phases are ending?

Which ones are just getting started?

Our thoughts, feelings, imagination, energy levels, and communication pave the way for our  reality. In general, we can almost always control these. I’m not going to get into a rant here about the shortcomings of the oft-referred to Law of Attraction (I’ll save that for my next bestselling book, tentatively titled The Shortcomings of the Much-Lauded Law of Attraction). So I’ll reiterate: in general, we can almost always control our thoughts, feelings, imagination, and communication. We cannot control what happens to us. But we can guide what is inside of us, and what is inside of us is huge, it is special, it is powerful, it is beautiful, and it wants to come out. It wants to share, to help, be of service, and of spirit.

The corresponding card to Sagittarius in the Major Arcana of the Tarot is the Temperance card, number 14. It comes just after Death, right before The Devil. What an auspicious placement to have! This placement suggests the otherworldly transitional state between loss and the underworld. An unusual alchemical angel engaged in each element, Temperance focuses intently on drawing water up against gravity between two cups. One is silver, representing the Moon and the subconscious, and one is gold, representing the Sun and the conscious. The angel’s will and focus blends the two. According to the scholar Barbara Walker, temperare is Latin and means “to mix,” and tempor means “a season”: an inner alchemical time-period. Alchemize what needs your fire during this cold time. In the Spring tend to the blooms unfurling in front of your eyes. If something has died or gone away for you in the past Waning Moon phase, or before, what can now take its place?

Spell-wise, when the Moon is in Sagittarius this is a good time to do any work around supporting your education, travel of any kind, higher purpose, the truth, luck and fortune, friendship, and fun. The Sun rules higher consciousness and expansiveness, rebirth, growth, and positivity. Any spell work around these pursuits would be favored.

What you dream about, know you want, and wish for, already exists inside of you. Therefore, it already exists. With spell work and ritual we create symbols for energy to spring forth—for the universe to pick up and run with. We alchemize the internal with the external via energy, intention, and spirit. At this time, begin to begin. Don’t just believe it, know it. Speak your truth. Bring forth what is already within you. Watch it take shape symbolically in front of you, signal to the universe, to the present, and the future. Show yourself you are ready. Invite the universe in to co-create with you.

Spending a Night with Our Dreams

Suggested affirmation: "I nurture my dreams so they can fly free. I love my dreams and they love me.”

Suggested Tools: Many candles, any crystals you feel drawn to, any Tarot cards you feel drawn to, any other magical tools like runes, the I Ching, your cauldron, art supplies, your journal, any musical instruments you play

The suggested exercise/spell is to take concentrated, intentional time today or tonight with your dreams. Court them and impress them. Dress up for them and wear your favorite perfume.

Pretend you are on a first date with an exciting sparkly dream. What would you say?

Spend the next two to six hours cozying up to any and ALL of your dreams for the upcoming year in a variety of different ways. Use your different senses; take a cue from the Temperance card and alchemize a few different experiences together. Use song, chanting, dance, or yoga. Draw a drawing of your dreams or a painting. If you embroider, knit, or do other crafts, begin work on a dream scarf or embroidery piece, or weaving. Make a playlist of your favorite hopeful songs that have to do specifically with your goals, or are about dreams, and play them. Write a love letter to your dreams. Write a speech that you would give somewhere after your dreams came true and read it out loud to an imaginary audience. Pretend Oprah or Barbara Walters is interviewing you about your dreams and talk about how you achieved your dreams and why that was important to you. Bring your dreams into the bath and pour their amazing energy all over your body in the form of water. Get sexy with your dreams: masturbate or give yourself a massage while thinking about them.

What would your dreams smell like? Do you have essential oils with that smell that you can use? What would your dreams taste like? Can you treat yourself to a meal that evokes your tastebuds?

Give the Goddess who resonates with your dreams an offering of some sort: dried fruit, nuts, jewelry, beads.

Show your dreams you are serious.
We embody our dedication.

Suggested New Moon Tarot Pull

As always, get comfortable, cozy, light a candle, put on music, practice grounding and breathing before a card pull. Use your favorite Tarot or Oracle deck.

Pick a card in your deck that most illustrates what you are currently trying to manifest.

Card 1: What is already happening in my life that can be worked on to get me closer to my dreams?

Card 2: What must I embody and step into to move forward toward my dreams? What does new fortitude look like? What does my new becoming feel like?

Card 3: What are the hidden gifts of any challenges I am facing with moving forward?

Card 4: What are some elements of the outcome of my dreams, some signals and signs, that will show up to be my north star or guide?

For the next three days, spend 5 – 30 minutes at your altar, with your charged crystals,
visioning, journaling, singing about, meditating about, those dreams in front of your burning candle. When you see the slivery slice smile of crescent Moon hanging in the sky, see it as a good omen for your dreams. A cheerleader just for you, and for all the other lovely sisters, witches, women, non-binary folks, queers, weirdos, and magical creatures manifesting their dreams under the New Moon.

Keep what you do secret. Don’t tell anyone what you are inviting in and invoking. Don’t social media or live stream it or text it. Zip the lip. Excitement coupled with the internet can entice us to share every last thing of every last cool or photogenic thing we do. This is just for you. Keep it a secret between yourself, your soul, and spirit. You can tell everyone about it later!

Bless your dreams! Bless you! Happy New Moon!

— Excerpt from Many Moons Vol 2, 2017.

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