December New Moon

December New Moon

Happy New Moon!

Today, December 6, or tomorrow, depending on your time zone, is the very last 
New Moon of 2018.

This year has challenged all of us on almost every level imaginable.What an opportunity to begin again, to pull our focus and awareness back inside, after all we've learned and been through.

I've created a Tarot pull for this New Moon, or truly any fresh start, new cycle, or beginning. This pull is based around our New Moon intentions and dreams, an includes an offering of support courtesy of the elements.

When all of our elemental energy is incorporated into spell work, or intention-setting, then all of us can be supported. My hope is that this spread will offer a chance to reflect and work with all of levels and layers to your dream.

New Moon Tarot Pull


Here is more info about this spread. Many of you reading this, or reading other places where I write, know that I love to work with the cards very intentionally. We get to decide to co-create and guide our readings— especially when they are magical, or therapeutic.

Sometimes, going through the deck and picking an aspirational card— one that I want to incorporate or embody— is much more useful to me than shuffling and choosing one without seeing it in advance, is.

However—sometimes, settling in, meditating, and then pulling is more useful. Seeing what comes up in the moment, what I believe is a message from spirit, my guides, or source. Actually seeing how I chafe or react or resonate with certain cards is very useful.

I encourage you to go with what helps you this most.


Go through your deck, and carefully pick out cards that answer these questions, to set up as a new way of seeing your dream.


Cleanse and clear your deck, meditate, shuffle, and pull cards wherever your hand is guided.


My favorite is usually: A mixture of both. For example, when I did this spread for myself, I choose my dream card, and then shuffled and pulled cards for each element.

Whichever way you choose to work with your cards, I always advise journaling about them, and leaving them out for at least a day, and come back to your spread at least one more time for 20 minutes or more.

Happy New Moon, everyone! May this new cycle bring you clarity, focus, regeneration, energy, and a new foundation for your dreams.

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