Dream Embodiment: An Interview with Blanca S. Villalobos

Dream Embodiment: An Interview with Blanca S. Villalobos

Blanca S. Villalobos (they/she) is generously sharing their dream magic with the Modern Women studio in their upcoming online workshop Dream Embodiment, Ritual Making Through Art! Blanca S. Villalobos is a cultural worker from the San Gorgonio Pass of Southern California with ancestral roots in Jalisco, México. They are a proud, queer daughter of immigrants and comes from a lineage of artists, educators & dream practitioners. Their art practice is informed by dreams, memories, and relationships—this sentimental and powerful combination is beautifully exhibited in their 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner essay for the January New Moon in Aquarius. 

Blanca will be leading a workshop before this special New Moon to help get us prepared and in tune with our visions. 

To get ready for their one-of-a-kind offering, we chatted about all things dreams: how to use the ancient art of interpretation in these modern times to connect with ourselves and our ancestors, what a dream embodiment practice looks like, and so much more.

What is your interpretation of dreams? What do they do, and how do they function?

Personally, I interpret dreams to be a modality to see how I am doing in response to my waking life happenings in terms of my overall well-being. At this point in my life dreams function in multiple ways and tend to assist me in a holistic scan of how I am doing emotionally, mentally, physically & energetically. In addition, I believe dreams to be an opportunity to connect spiritually whether with ancestors, the land, more than humxn beings, and our current living relations.

Dream Embodiment Online Workshop Modern Women Interview with Blanca S. Villalobos Many Moons Lunar Planner January 2022 New Moon

What does a dream embodiment practice look like?
What have you seen blossom as a result of your practice?

This practice is so expansive! Simply put, a dream embodiment practice is the potential to ground your dream landscape and its messages in waking life through any action that resonates with the dreamer. As someone who loves to express themselves through the arts & more specifically via performance I generally find myself recreating scenes from my dream experiences in order to more fully understand them. Other times, embodying our dreams can mean being accountable to more 'mundane' themes such as getting my car maintenance, or gathering up the courage to have a conversation with a loved one. As a result of this practice, my relationships have strengthened over the years, my healing journey now has a tangible outlet outside of talk therapy and I've been able to meet & develop relationships with my ancestors.

What can folks expect and enjoy from your upcoming Modern Women workshop? What are you most excited about delving into?

Folks can expect an opportunity to connect with other dreamers for potential community building and will have a chance to reconnect with a chosen dream through guided meditation. I'm most excited about hearing what dream happenings the community would like to integrate into their creative projects!

Dream Embodiment Online Workshop Modern Women Interview with Blanca S. Villalobos Many Moons Lunar Planner January 2022 New Moon

 Learn more about Blanca’s work by visiting www.blancasvillalobos.com and check out their Patreon at www.patreon.com/bsvillalobos. You can also follow them on Instagram: @blanca.s.villalobos.