Eclipse Season Recovery Kit

Eclipse Season Recovery Kit
Leaving any Eclipse season in the rearview mirror can feel like the beginning of a new chapter or the ending of one: it’s a good rule of thumb to look back on what transpired in your life during the last Eclipse season, and even a year ago or more. Eclipses are a time when we see how we are blocking our own light, what we need to deal with on a subconscious level, or the wounds we need to heal. 

Messages are delivered on full volume during Eclipse season, but I truly believe there is nothing to fear about this potent time. We don’t have to view Eclipses as malefic: many cultures do and many cultures do not—most of the popular takes we get from modern, Western, and pop astrology are from a mix of Greco-Roman ideologies, Hellenistic Astro, and European superstitions involving the power of kings. Tibetan Buddhists believe that Eclipses are a sacred time of healing and amplification. My own background is in Judaism and the Torah says that Eclipses are a time of omens. Omens are warnings, sure, but they are also messages

Over time, I began to think of Eclipses as portals and healing opportunities. I’ve spoken about this in the past, but it bears repeating: Eclipses are a cosmic nudge. They initiate us into different spaces and places through signs, hints, and revelations. They often help us make closure or create a fresh start. Eclipses remind us to reflect and recalibrate. Ultimately, they help us break patterns. And pattern-breaking is often painful. 

Read below for some magical resources, prompts, and offerings to make the most of your Eclipse season messages. 

Eclipse Season Recovery Kit


Take a breath. Take some time to write down what you are learning, what you wish to learn, and any areas you want to invest in. Consider these prompts:
  • Which parts of my identity no longer serve me? 
  • Which areas of my life am I deciding to no longer self-sabotage?
  • What do I really need that I must give myself?
  • If my shadow could talk, what would it say?
  • What blocks are stopping me from being more honest with myself and others? 
  • Where have I outgrown myself? How can I honor this shedding? 
  • How does my life need to change practically, magically, and otherwise? 
  • Who am I becoming? 

Archetypal support.
Light a candle, sip your favorite bevvie, and pull some Tarot or Oracle cards for additional guidance or support: take out the card(s) that express the energies you’re ready to call in, or where you are ready to heal. 

Make magic.
Set an intention for the rest of the month, or the spring season, and think about what you can begin to clear and where your attention, energy, and focus need to go next. Elevate your Eclipse magic by casting an uncrossing or clearing spell, or tap into your intuition with the Tarot, pendulums, and any and all of your favorite spiritual tools

Schedule flow states. 
When do you feel the most inflow? Schedule in chunks of time to lay in bed with your eyes closed, to wander in the woods, to take long baths, to putter in the garden. Scheduling activities that support your ventral vagal state will help you recover and tap into your intuition.

Stay patient. 
Remember: change is often made when we are sick and tired of our own BS. 
If that’s where you are, let that be a message. 
Change is created by small shifts and behaviors over a longer period of time. 
As we leave this Eclipse season, you might have already started something that you won’t see the outcome of until fall, or a year from now. Begin. Again, and again and again. 
Drink lots of water, cry lots of tears, and rest.