February 2020 New Moon

February 2020 New Moon

Our only New Moon of the month occurs this Sunday. It is in Pisces, an archetype of cosmic expansiveness, integration, creativity, and psychic receptivity. Sunday is associated with the Sun: consciousness, identity, actions, and energy. Now is the right time to touch base with how you feel and let that determine your actions. Perhaps your New Moon plans could include some time spent exploring the energies of this time. Bring creativity in some way you normally wouldn’t; try an activity of particular spiritual interest. These are some ways to infuse the traditional Western astrological archetypes into your experience.

Earlier this month, some of us in the Northern Hemisphere celebrated Imbolc—a holiday that symbolizes receptiveness around birth and rebirth; a holiday that urges us to light our inner flame. This time period, on the Wheel of the Year, corresponds to the Waxing Crescent Moon phase. In a little less than one month, we will celebrate the spring equinox—where the day and night share equal space. Until then, frustration can occur, as much of our work goes to getting through each day with an intact inner flame.

Underneath an invisible Moon, we weave a web that can be used as a protective cloak, a boomerang of dreams, and a lighthouse for us to focus on, to keep us steady. To make our minds more receptive, we must find ways to usher in our new cycle. Some simple ways to do this includes cleaning and rearranging the furniture in your room or home. Toss some fresh or dried lavender or rosemary in the dryer; burn some incense before you begin your days.

We are in the in-between zone—pushed out into the sea of possibility, our first stirrings of doubt could be crashing down like a wave’s crest. Holding onto our 2020 intentions gets tricky as we are in the gestation period of our plans. This February New Moon could ask you to sink back into the glowing, lavender folds of your imagination. Between our imagination, dreams, and reality usually lies a very large gap. We must reach up through the fertile void and pull our dreams down like so many bundles of silver and gold thread.

Pulling our dreams into the everyday requires opening up a portal in our belief systems. Sometimes, part of why our dreams do not come true is that we are afraid to float into the unknown. Cosmic open doors are around us at all times, yet we refuse them. Gentle reader, you are a cosmic open door: made of the stars, part of the earth, energized by the Sun, charged by the Moon. The world is poised towards pressuring us to forget what miracles we truly are. We need to conjure up gleaming sparks of hope for ourselves. Allowing our timeless, vast imaginations some space in our psyches can help us remember who we truly are and what we truly need; that we are incredibly capable of making our dreams come true—in small and in sweeping ways.

So often we keep our dreams at a distance as a sly defense mechanism. There is something seductive about a fantasy: a place where you get to control every gesture, every unfolding, the exact order of events. At a certain point you have to decide to take your life seriously and to follow your imagination. To trust it enough to walk into it fearlessly. At a certain point you decide to ask for what you want and to become what you want simultaneously.

—Excerpt from the 2020 Many Moons Lunar Planner. Buy the benefit edition here. 

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