February 2021 New Moon

February 2021 New Moon

Creating Blueprints for Other Worlds

In the Northern Hemisphere, February, March, October, and November are what I call bridge months. During these times, absolutes are fuzzy and veils are pulled away. Charged openings for connection with spirits, guides, ancestors, dreams, past lives, and other states of consciousness reside in the quiet. Simultaneously, within these months it is also easier to float away, keep stagnant patterns intact, or drift entirely into a malaise.

Do not let the grey cover your entire screen. Be clear about what you need in order to flourish during this lunar cycle. Center those needs, those practices. These next few years are a particularly opportunistic time to step into entirely different paradigms, collectively and individually. In-between all of the upheaval, loss, trauma, rage, and grief, there are also openings. Part of what we are learning now are ways to process intensity. Part of what we are learning are ways to stay present with the truth. Looking away is no longer an option. Tap into your own particular rhythms of resilience and renewal.

No matter your doubt, no matter your fears, remember this: there is a reason you are alive now.

More than ever, you are being called on to be your bravest Self—the most authentic version of you, outside of projections, defenses, expectations, contortions. When your main source is your Source, service is synonymous with replenishment.

New futures are awaiting us. Other worlds are possible and ready to be built—they are visioned and created every day. Other worlds already exist all around us and within us. Now is the time to awaken to the fact that they are not so far away.

These blueprints require hope to activate. This requires awareness, discipline, and trust. The practice of trust is one to tend to now. This New Moon asks us to focus more of our attention dreaming and imagining rather than resisting and reacting. This New Moon implores us to spend more time creating rather than destroying.

Practice receiving yourself. Practice becoming yourself. Practice trusting yourself. There is to be no more othering of the different parts of you. Trying to make it all “fit” is a brainwashing tactic of late-stage capitalism. You are bigger and so much deeper than a screen, a pitch, a brand, a white-washed mythology. Accept and receive yourself fully. Make your own shapes instead of contorting into boxes that weren’t ever designed for us. These shapes are our various talents and identities, and yearnings are our pathways.

–Excerpt from the 2021 Many Moons Lunar Planner by Modern Women