February Tarotscopes

February Tarotscopes

February Tarotscopes

The theme for February is In Flow. How often are you in a flow state? A space where time stops, you go deep. You are both conscious of your surroundings, and more expansive than what meets the eye. 

Flow states are when most magic and intuition happen. It’s when you get out your own way, embody the most supportive energies, and allow genius to step forward. 

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This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. Read for whatever sign you feel called to: your Sun, rising, Moon, or a placement that is particularly loud right now.*

3 of Swords 

The greatest task for you this month is to go straight to the roots of the wound. When you understand what is truly coming up, and any related subconscious beliefs, you can address the entirety that craves a compassionate witness. In times of heartbreak, we can slap on a series of bandaids that work temporarily, but delay certain healing processes. We numb with phones, food, drink, or other escapes. We override: stuff down emotions, jump back into work or anything that will give us a sense of normalcy, that may make us forget that our world has been irrevocably changed. 

Sweet Aries, do not numb nor override what is in front of you. Chances are, heartbreak and gratitude exist in equal parts for you right now. Chances are, parts of yourself are ready to be recovered, uncovered, and restored.

So, take the time. Take the time for the tears that must come forth to roll down your cheeks like salty waterfalls of victory. Make the cake from scratch, journal for longer than you feel comfortable, punch the pillow for long enough to feel release, accept people’s help, learn the new technology, or venture out into a new neighborhood. Take the time to sit with what needs tending, loving on, being with. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Selenite, pillows to punch, salt, space, and Clear Channels: our February workshop for channeling and newsletter creation.


What a lot of people don’t know or understand about you is that you don’t care that much about money. It’s freedom you are after, because that means security. Now, you’ve come to a place where you have security in a way that past you could have never dreamed of. Do you truly feel secure? Do you truly feel free? 

Freedom and security will be the prominent themes for you this month. This correlates in the cosmos: Uranus has been in Taurus for years, and Jupiter is in your sign as well. Innovation and change will lead to growth and expansion, as long as you take risks you haven’t before, as long as you try things you’ve never tried. Risk-taking can be hard for you, but you’re no stranger to hard work. Start where you are by mixing up daily routines and tasks. Take a little (or a lot) away. Open up to experimentation, little by little, and understand that before you’re great at something, there will be long patches of cringe and frustration.

It’s ok to leave money on the table when you know what you ultimately want. Figure out what freedom feels like for the current version of you, and let the intelligence of those sensations guide you. Grow through flow.  

Suggested spell ingredients: Discernment, box breathing, hellebores, obsidian, and Clear Channels: A workshop for channeling and newsletter creation. 

2 of Swords, Reversed 

Sometimes, you just have to go away for a time. Away, inside yourself. Taking time to go inward doesn’t mean you have to ignore people or feel lonelier than before. It means you need space to be with your thoughts, your body, and your feelings. Commit to attuning to your home frequency, and stay there. Clear any distortion in your field about who you are and what you can do. 

Part of how we get energetically drained is by unconsciously orienting to everyone else around us, instead of orienting within before anything else. What would happen if you dropped the idea of you as existing in someone else’s mind first, and took back your self-concept? Who do you want to be? What clues are there for you to follow? 

Pull back a little. Don’t respond to emails or texts immediately. Write down what you think about what you read, what you watch, and how you feel before asking anyone else about any of it. Stop being controlled by machines, algorithms, emails and other people’s urgency. February is for flow cultivation, anchoring within, and being quiet enough to hear what the small, sure voice inside wants to share. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Clear quartz, chamomile tea, silk eye pillows, silence, and Clear Channels: A workshop for channeling and newsletter creation.

Ace of Cups 

There is absolutely no situation that love, gentleness, and compassion is not appropriate for. This holy trinity can build bridges, alchemize tension, and shift the tide. If you are waking up to where you’ve been wrong, or how you’ve been repeating certain toxic behaviors, it is love, gentleness, and compassion that will help you change them. If you’ve gotten lost in the labyrinth of other people’s behaviors, try dousing yourself, and the other person, with love or compassion, and see what changes. 

Love is the antidote. Gentleness is the way. Compassion is the open road spell. 

Humans easily get addicted to stress, fear, and negative self-talk. This is a literal chemical process that your adorable innocent brain and nervous system perpetuate, because hey! familiar equals safety. The amygdala, which controls our fight/flight functions, doesn’t have a sense of time, but you do, and you’re ready to come into the present moment in a different way. This year, make love a safe state. Make gentleness your default. Lead with compassion, especially with the challenges, and notice what opens up inside and outside of you. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Open road candles, rainwater, rose quartz, fir tips, and Clear Channels: A Workshop for Creativity and Expression. 

2 of Cups 

Things to stay away from this month: people who don’t ask you any questions about what you think and who you are. Dinners that are just meh and lack nutrients. That same old, same old. Hastily decided upon plans. Mixed signals. Excuses. 

Things to move towards this month: friendly dogs and friendly dog owners. Moonlit walks around your neighborhood with binaural beats in your headphones. Skincare routines and focus. Morning stretches and affirmations. Clear expectations and clearer communication. Self-worth outside of work.

This is a foundational month for you, Leo. Not only because there’s a new moon in your opposite sign, Aquarius, which will highlight your relationships and how you are perceived, but because Pluto, the planet of the underworld and excavation, has also just moved there. This is a month of balance and recalibration. When you move towards more of what you want, and do so in a way that feels good, the world has no choice to respond. How do you want to show up for yourself and others? What gifts do you want to give the to the world? What opportunities are you ready to receive? 

Suggested spell ingredients: Lists, pink candles, cinnamon and oranges simmering on the stove, self-pleasure, and Clear Channels: a workshop for marketing for people who hate marketing.

10 of Cups 

February finds you growing in the realm of emotions. While a lot of our world emphasizes the external, the internal is what ultimately ends up making or breaking us. After some months of breaking, you’re definitely ready to make. And remake. Which is what the 10 of Cups highlights: after upheaval, there’s recovery. After storms, there’s rainbows. Growing up emotionally never felt so good, lovely Virgo.

Emotional sobriety is a state of being where your emotions do not dictate your behavior or control your actions. On a spiritual level, it’s learning to be with anything that arises, but still stay tethered to the soul within. The silent observer who is beyond any momentary hiccup. The wise one, deep inside, who understands what this time is teaching you. 

Emotional maturity is a process, and it’s one that fosters joy as much suffering. Externally, we need the basics to survive: water, food, shelter. Internally, we might need even more: our spiritual needs include hope, love, faith, belief, intuition, connection, support, and beauty. When those needs aren’t met, our spirits suffer. February is a month to hold the suffering within as lightly as you do the joy, as both are fleeting. Feel it all as you root down into more and more serenity. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Hearts, watermelon kunzite, rosehip tonic, the block button, and Clear Channels: A workshop to express yourself, make a newsletter, and connect with your people. 

King of Cups 

Integrity a word that isn’t used often enough, but it’s one you are well acquainted with, Lovely Libra. Integrity is about being whole and honest. Some of this is based on contracts your soul made before you incarnated. You agreed to behave in certain ways in order to move yourself—and the entire planet—forward. 

The older you get, the more you realize that certain things that other people can do, you can’t. Other people can gossip, but when you do, not only do you get that icky feeling in your belly, it almost always come back around in ways that are not cute. Other people can get away with half-assed work, but you can’t, because you’d be lying to yourself, and the universe. This month, you’ll be shown more specific rules that help keep your integrity intact. You’ll also be shown what opportunities will come from staying in your lane, emotionally, spirituality, and literally.

There’s a saying about certain spiritual paths: the walls get tighter, but the ceiling gets higher. The more disciplined you are, the more will open up. All that space can be filled with love, art, peace, and true connections. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Rose quartz, morning prayers, books not screens, running water, and Clear Channels: A workshop for channeling and newsletter creation.


People talk about ego death casually, as if it’s a casual thing. In reality, it’s a major recalibration that brings most to their knees: wildly humbling, often isolating, and not exactly a crowdpleaser at dinner parties. February will bring some level of illusion decimation: try to remember that ultimately, this is a good thing. 

Pay attention to the painful insights about your own patterns and behaviors that surface. Don’t let the sting supersede the opportunity to make amends, forgive yourself, and move on. Nothing is permanent, not the addictions that have formed around denial. Not the self-protective mechanisms you put into place that worked, but at a cost. You are aware now, and that’s all that matters. Use the energy that wants to get bogged down in shame to mobilize and make necessary changes. You get to be different now, because now, you want different things. 

Scorpio, this month is a powerful time of ending chapters and turning towards the new. Can you accept what is with a steady heartbeat? Can you remember that everything eventually goes away, except the love you experienced and gave freely? 

Suggested spell ingredients: A funeral for your protector parts, black tourmaline, The Things That Die podcast, tears, and Clear Channels: A Channeling Newsletter Creation Workshop. 

Page of Wands 

This month brings a sweet reprieve, but first, it’s decision-making time. What you choose to focus on will either continue to burn you out, or begin to light you up. The truth could usher in a much-needed reorganization or two, or leave you despondent. This is a month to develop and refine energetic boundaries: it starts and ends with you. Spark your imagination: daydream, write, make things. As you move your hands and body, solutions will come to you.

Spend the first half of the month clearing any residue that has been dragging you down. Schedule the tasks you’ve put off.  Apologize to yourself in the mirror. Follow through on your impulses to remind yourself that you are a genius of love. 

By the second half of the month, you’ll be able to stretch out into your life more—there will be more space. The notes of angel song that previously felt so far away—those sparks of hope—will glimmer so bright in your sphere you’ll have no choice but to feel lit up again.  

Suggested spell ingredients: Steam rooms, tealights sprinkled with cinnamon and red pepper flakes, a rose-colored lightbulb for your bedroom, and Clear Channels: A workshop for creativity and connection. 

5 of Pentacles 

This month could bring up feelings of scarcity. This could be linked to your season coming and going, or maybe the shift of Pluto in your 2nd house of resources could be bringing this focus. There could be some perceptions about being left out in the cold, or unable to access support. You might be activated by one or more situations happening in your personal life, or in the world.

The most important resources aren’t always money. Relationships, adaptability, and creativity might be most important in this current landscape. A proximity to and ownership of land, food, and water sources—or land-based survival skills—are also valuable. You’ve got authentic relationships with remarkable people. You are incredibly adaptable and a hard worker (this is a realm where you thrive).

Can you apply some these natural qualities to areas where you feel lack? Whether it’s love, time, or health: you can figure this out. Get real, get curious, and make a plan. In doing so, you’ll experience deep enjoyment of life’s true riches.

Suggested spell ingredients: Friends, a ritual for sustainable abundance, videos of camels, winter weeds, and Clear Channels: our February workshop for channeling and newsletter creation.

3 of Pentacles 

There is one project right now that needs your devoted attention, Waterbearer. You’ll need help to do so, you’ll need focus and dedication, absolutely, but you’ll also need to hone and refine your vision. The way you see your subject, and why it’s important to you must be at the forefront of your mind when you sit down to work. If you are working on this with a team, friends, or family, everyone needs to be on the same page, and this all starts with the cultivation of a strong motivation and a clear outcome. 

If you feel anxious or stuck, that’s normal. Part of any long process is being able to navigate through difficult emotions and find tools that help quell the brain chatter. Perhaps what you learn and how you’ll grow this month could be even more meaningful than whatever outcome this project will have. 

Don’t forget to cultivate inspiration, and don’t forget to have fun. Feed your most existential life questions into ChapGPT. Join a neighborhood book or hiking club. Let the shape of the first cloud you see determine your outfit for the day. When you dance with new forms of life, new forms of life will dance with you.

Suggested spell ingredients: Clear quartz, dance moves, binoculars, helpers and Clear Channels: our February workshop for channeling and newsletter creation. 

Queen of Cups 

Pisces, as I write this to you, I’m aware that I’ll never know exactly what you are going or growing through. You might be caretaking someone, and have very little free time. You could be dealing with Long COVID and your autistic child’s struggles as school—or maybe you’re the one with Long COVID and autism, trying to make it work in a challenging environment. There’s all kinds of personal, intersectional experiences: racism, transphobia, trauma, and so on, that create your internal and external realities. It’s impossible to share a message that will resonate with every single Pisces, or Pisces placement reading this.  

This echoes your key reminders for February. Reminder number 1: Take the entire picture of what you are dealing with into account. Name your various eccentricities, disabilities, and the particulars of your situation. Do not compare yourself to someone else, especially not someone who might have privileges you don’t. Shake off the shackles of societal programming, especially if they cause distress, or add to your insecurity. 

The next reminders are these: you aren’t static and it’s impossible to be for everyone. Shrinking might have kept you safe in the past, but you’ve outgrown certain labels. If those kinds of fears have stopped you from full expression, embody compassion and move forward anyway. Dream, shape shift, move, flow.   

Suggested spell ingredients: Angelite, videos of hermit crabs leaving their shell, cups of clear cold water, flow states, and Clear Channels: our February workshop for channeling and newsletter creation.

*Tarotscopes are not a substitute for therapy, medical treatment, or your own intuition. Remember to use your tools responsibly: never leave a candle burning unattended.