Following Threads

Following Threads

The Moon is officially waxing, we are less than one week away from the only Full Moon of February 2019—the only February Full Moon we've had in 2 years. During this Waxing Moon, many of us in the Northern Hemisphere will celebrate "Valentine's Day." Let garish consumerism and the "love yourself" hashtags commence. Any day to celebrate any kind of love—platonic, romantic, with community, or with a special someone or someones is alright by me. Just remember that this holiday is a construct that you can engage with however you wish.

The good news about this year's Saint Valentine's Day is that it falls on Thursday—the day of the week associated with Jupiter, the planet of expansion.

And the better news is that the themes of love, and beauty, and commitment, that this holiday brings up goes hand in hand with the building energies of the Waxing Moon.

The Waxing Moon asks us to notice. To notice what we notice; where our attention goes; what actual energy we are putting behind our dreams and values.

The first quarter/half Moon/waxing time can be difficult for us, depending on what is going on. It is the time where we are called to bring our dreams into form.

It is a time of accumulating energy that we can harness however we'd like.

In that process, we may have to get serious with ourselves.

Are we really changing our habits? Truly committed to altering our mindset around our goals? Do we have to try another tactic, another strategy?

What habits and behaviors are a smokescreen/excuse generator/way to stay the same, way to stay safe?

These are hard questions. These are uncomfortable tasks. Examining ourselves, holding up the mirror, getting truthful—this is where the work begins.

Following threads can certainly help us.

Pay attention to what is coming up in your life.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you in certain moments, at certain times of day.

Be curious, not insistent. Track what you are noticing with one part scientific method and one part surrender.

Adjust accordingly. For example, say one of your goals is to walk or exercise or move your body more. What are the blocks? Do you not have any time? Well, then that's your job: to make 10 minutes a day for you. Is the hardest putting on leggings and shoes first thing in the morning? Well, sleep in your leggings and have your shoes and socks right by the door. It sounds really basic, but it is these kinds of basic things that stop us.

Hard but actual fact: procrastination and excuses are both byproducts of fear.

And fear is an important thread to follow, because fear can point to what we really want. Or what we are ready to rearrange in our psyche.

It is up to you to try putting focus on love and positive obsessions, over fear.

Maybe, over time, you can go deeper with your fear. Maybe, over time, the fear will dissolve on its own.

There's also of course, another way to follow threads that is not so fear-based: it is mystery based. This way is to ask and expect to receive. To ask for help and expect to receive it. To open up, stay in the believing place, and see what tendrils of new pathways and other various threads reach up to meet you.

The recipe for this is one part clear-knowing, one part surrender, and one part consistency. You must be consistent in the work you do, in the lassos you throw out there, over and over, practically, emotionally, and magically.

A truly altering practice for me with following threads is a morning practice of pulling Tarot cards and journaling.

I do this almost every single day. It clears my channel, guides me, and helps me learn more about the cards and the way I see and experience them.

Try pulling a card a day.

If Tarot isn't your thing, maybe it is journaling, drawing, movement, or meditation. Whatever connects you with you.

Throughout your day, stay present. Notice. Ask for guidance. Pay attention. And take action on following threads as they come up for you.

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