Forgiveness and the Waning Moon

Forgiveness and the Waning Moon

Waning Moon Magic: Forgiveness

We are officially in the waning moon period of this month, a time for letting go, clearing things out, tying up loose ends, organization and/or reorganization. During this particular month's waning moon period I am focusing on the practice of forgiveness, so I wanted to share thoughts and suggestions into incorporating forgiveness into a daily spiritual practice.

For years, the act of forgiving others has been very difficult for me. I also had to learn how to forgive myself—a harder task that has definitely been a process! Motivation for this is multi-pronged. Magic and manifesting doesn't work as well if you've got piles of grudges hanging around your aura like dirty laundry. You feel lighter, and better without the baggage of resentment hanging about. Without forgiveness, we would be be walking around like muddy glasses of murky, stagnant sludge! Our vision and perception are clouded with unhelpful preoccupations.

Why is Forgiveness Important?

It brings compassion, love, and empathy into focus.

It releases the past from your memories, emotions, and mind.You get to live more in the present if you are not focusing on how so and so wronged you that one time.

It frees up space and helps to clear your energy field.

It cuts energetic cords to people, places or to self-defeating narratives.

Obviously there are huge benefits for forgiveness in aiding us to manifest and make our magic. So forgive— frequently and joyfully!

A misconception about practicing forgiveness is that you have to tell the person or people that you have forgiven them. People sometimes think that an important step in this process is reaching out, and attempting to rebuild a burned bridge. You definitely do not have to do this! If that person is toxic, disrespectful, abusive, or in any way harmful to you, they are not be welcomed into your space. People come into our lives sometimes to teach us our life's lessons, and sometimes that lesson is about boundaries. (A separate blog post on the big "B" word, and boundary magic will be forthcoming!) Do the work internally to forgive that person or situation, and leave it at that.

Ultimately, this work is for you. You can actively forgive someone for something that happened ages ago, release it, and move on. If it is you that feels the need to be forgiven for some less than stellar action on your part, you might feel the need to directly apologize for your missteps. Maybe you miss your friend or sister and want them back in your life. Reach out with your apology with no expectations of even a response. The gift should lie directly in the pronouncement. No matter what, the next step is to work on forgiving yourself and set your intention to not repeat this pattern.

Sometimes we aren't ready to forgive. That's ok too. If you are working on forgiving someone and you are still having intense feelings come up, maybe it isn't time to forgive them. This is especially true with regards to trauma. As of right now I don't know that I could ever truly forgive the people that sexually assaulted me, but I can work on healing myself and releasing the PTSD that accompanied their actions.

While forgiveness is absolutely a daily practice, I've been finding that really making it my focus over the waning moon time has been very helpful. Every day I journal and or do a guided forgiveness meditation. For self-forgiveness, I've been using EFT tapping and affirmations such as "Even though I {insert item here}, I completely love and accept myself." You might also wish to do a more official waning moon ritual.

Forgiveness Ritual


A writing utensil and paper

A black or brown candle and a white or pink candle

Tourmaline, obsidian and quartz (rose or clear)

A small mirror


Set your candles up surrounded by your crystals.

Anoint your candles with salt.

Cast your circle and face north.

Take time to write out what it is that needs forgiving, or whom.

Light the brown or black candle.

Staring into the flame, imagine any energy being returned, any feelings releasing.

You might be able to pinpoint emotions residing in certain places in your body.

Breathe through those places.

Use the flame to burn your paper.

Light your pink or white candle. Looking into the candle, say:

I forgive you

I release you

May all cords be returned

Thank you

Visualize and feel light and harmony filling up your body.

Take your mirror out and look into it, while saying

I love you,

I'm sorry,

I forgive you,

thank you