Interview with Jessica Lanyadoo

Interview with Jessica Lanyadoo

I love Jessica Lanyadoo! Jessica is an Astrologer, medium, intuitive counselor and writer living in the Bay Area, by way of Canada. She is sweet, warm, smart, and writes wonderful horoscopes. Jessica has been working in private practice since 1995 and has written horoscopes for many varied publications, including Martha Stewart and On Our Backs!

Jessica wrote a beautiful and informative entry on the New Moon Solar Eclipse in August for Many Moons.  Jessica took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions below.

You are a Canadian transplant living in California. What is your favorite thing about the Bay? What do you miss about Canada? 

I miss how safe Canada is. And beautiful. I miss the people. Because I'm from Montreal, I miss bagels, souvlaki, and having low self-esteem from people being annoyed by my crappy french, but mostly I miss the amazing diversity of people and cultures. In Canada, unlike the US, there isn't this intense pressure to drop your cultural background and "be Canadian."

The Bay Area is divine. I mean, obvi, it's the weather – who wouldn't love a life of eternal Spring? But also as an astrologer and queer person, at the time that I moved here, there was nowhere else to go, and now there's nowhere else in the US that I'd rather be. I love the people and the land and the vibe here. The Bay has been very good to me. It's easy for me to live my life as I chose to, and that's a beautiful thing.

You teach manifesting workshops. In your own womanifestating life, what was a block/pattern that you had to overcome, and how did you do so? 

I've had so many blocks to overcome, I'm not sure which one to start with!

I've manifested apartments and relationships, and opportunities, but I would say that the most difficult block I've had to move through (and that comes back for me cyclically) is my willingness to receive. I'm a bit of a workhorse and can get caught up in the labour of my goals, forgetting to receive the abundance that I have, or the gifts and magic available to me in the here and now. Allowing for flow and slowing down to enjoy myself isn't organic to me; while I for sure haven't overcome these issues, I'm in an ever-evolving process with them. I love teaching womanifesting (I'm totally stealing that word), it's such an accessible and useful tool. Thanks for asking this question!


You've been a successful business owner for a minute (aka pre-social media). Do you have a tip or advice for those starting out, or trying to keep their heads up?

OMG, tons of advice, but I'll keep it simple -

Don't try to be like other people; your voice is your own, and those who mimic someone they're not don't sustain the success they achieve. That said, don't reinvent the wheel either: learn basic business skills, respond to emails and deal with your admin in a timely manner, and treat others with patience and kindness.

Having an esoteric or creative business is hard and rewarding in equal parts, but if you're answering your calling it's all totally worth it.

Your piece for Many Moons is about working with Astrology, Sabian Symbols, music, and creative ritual. When crafting your own rituals, do you usually tend to draw from different eclectic places? 

I do!

When I was first starting out I would learn specific rituals or systems and follow the advised steps to a tee. I've been working diligently with the woo since '91 and have had a lot of time to learn the rules and break them. I like to use the most time-effective and directly impactful tools that I've got, regardless of where they come from. That said, Sabian Symbols are are visual representations of astrological degrees, and sound or music are common components of ritual (for me). The piece I wrote allowed me to share facets of my spiritual practice that I don't often get to in my writing. I can't wait to see how people like it!


What is your current favorite time of the moonth? What do you do around that that makes it so?

TBH: when I've met my deadlines.

Me and the Moon are still working on our relationship. It's complicated.

What was your experience writing for the book, what do you hope that readers take away from this project, or your piece?

It was really surprising. As an astrologer the task of writing about an astrological event in an non-astrological way was a great challenge. I couldn't wrap my head around it, especially because the particular Eclipse I wrote about is a big deal astrological event. I was very blocked about it until the moment it all came together in the most perfect way.

Some things are private, especially in the realm of ritual. My hope is that people don't feel compelled to share their process or experience until they have some perspective on it. In this age of Instagram, it's easy to get caught up in the performance of spirituality. This one is private, and meant only for you.

In astrology the Moon represents one's innermost personal life, your feels and attachments. This is intended to be a heartfelt ritual. My hope is that it facilitates growth and healing to those who have lost their way, or are trapped in a patterns or relationships that no longer serves them. It's also a ritual for helping those in need. Spiritual service is a gift to the giver and the receiver.

Name one thing: writer/poet/singer/park/theory/hair product etc. that you are super jazzed on at the moment.


I'm wildly in love with my garden at the moment. I have trees to hug (don't judge; they're just so huggable!), cats to serenade, and a pink rose tree to tend to. It's hecka magical.


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