Interview With Marcella Kroll

Interview With Marcella Kroll

As I finish up with designing the Many Moons Workbook Vol 1, I want to take the time to highlight the inspiring contributors to this project. It is a major honor to ask people you admire and respect to create something and have them accept and share their knowledge and gifts. Marcella Kroll wrote about the February New Moon for the upcoming workbook.

Marcella has been practicing as an Artist, Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, and Metaphysical Consultant in Los Angeles for the past 10 years.  She is the creator of the Sacred Symbols Oracle deck, the zine Cutting the Cord, and host of the podcast Saved by the Spell.

On a personal level, getting to know her has been a gift in my life. If you are in Los Angeles, please join her, myself, and many other practitioners for a Standing Rock Fundraiser this coming Monday night, at Stories Cafe.

Marcella was kind enough to answer some questions I sent her.


You live in LA currently. How did you get there and what are your favorite parts about living there?

I came to LA 10 years ago by way of Brooklyn, New York on a plane with 2 suitcases and $800. My decision to move was sudden and fueled by a deep desire to be cradled by surroundings that were the opposite of what I grew up in. The best part of my personal experience being in Los Angeles has been finding connection to life and nature in all her forms. This place has allowed full exposure to my authentic self, and for that I am grateful!

 What lens do you view your practice through?

My lens changes from Micro to Macro daily… Depends on which corner of the spectrum you catch me on.

 You have an incredibly diverse background culturally. Have there been any lessons or insights there?

My whole life has been a lesson and constant reminder of who and who I am not, based on my genetics. The search for “where” I come from has been an ongoing theme and probably will continue throughout my life. When you are brought up not knowing a good portion of your history, due to secrecy, pain, and just lack of information, it can really create identity crisis. I searched long and hard through every facet I could to get clues, because I so desperately wanted/needed to have that missing piece that would have made me feel whole. The hardest part of not fitting in, whether it be it within your family, society’s standards of beauty, or even just socially acceptable constructs is reminding yourself that YOU STILL belong. Or that perhaps the greatest gift of being the sum of so many things is that you can resonate and honor all that exists, by feeling the spirit in all things.


 What are your other interests? How do you connect the dots between your other interests?

I sing, paint, ride horses, play a few instruments including TAIKO, seek out different ways to start laughing so hard that I start crying (usually through Snapchat), obsess about other star systems, cook up stardust in my kitchen, and covet spending time with soul family. I find you connect the dots by giving yourself permission to not be a slave to anyone or anything that robs you of your self esteem, and vow to not abandon your joy. You just make the time. I mean I have to make the time or I get depressed. That’s how I know I’m depriving myself of Joy. Otherwise..what’s the point really?


What is your current favorite time of the moonth? What do you do around that that makes it so?

I love all the phases of the Moon for their type of support. The Moon was New at my birth, so I feel more energized at that time. It’s a good time for my personal spellwork and intention setting practices. Full Moon is much better for me socially, and I like to spend it with others. However, my favorite Moon phase right now has to be the waning moon. The reflection it provides, the self care, and nourishment it offers are so necessary. I’m naturally more of a loner, so the more Hermit vibes the better. This time of quiet is something I have become more appreciative of in the last year. It is so necessary for reflection, and recharging the psychic batteries.

What was your experience writing for the book, what do you hope that readers take away from this project?

The most exciting thing about writing for this book was knowing that I got to be part of something that would be helping others. That sharing magic this way can be so empowering. I hope that the readers of this workbook will feel as elated as I did when I started using it, and seeing the cause and effect of feeling heard and understood. Yes I said, heard and understood, by a workbook! It’s amazing.



Name one thing: writer/poet/singer/park/theory/hair product etc. that you are super jazzed on at the moment.

Raw data Genetic Testing!! I cannot express enough how much connecting with this kind of science has helped me. Not only did it help me find my ancestry and relatives I never knew existed, it also confirmed a diagnosis of a rare genetic mutation that was affecting my health. So incredible to have this kind of technology available and so much more affordable than it used to be. Here are the sites I have used and worked with personally.

Find Marcella on-line here and here. Follow her on Instagram here.
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