Interview with Monique McCrystal

Interview with Monique McCrystal

One of my absolute favorite parts of creating the Many Moons Workbooks is getting to share the brilliant words and work of amazing practitioners. Monique McCrystal is one of those wonderful people. She is a Columbus-based doula, a meditation facilitator, a business owner, and soon to be yoga instructor. Monique embodies self-love and wellness. She took time out of her full life to answer some questions about making big life changes, trusting her intuition, and of course, the moon.

Hi Monique! You've lived many lives! You are currently working in various capacities: as a business owner, doula, yoga instructor, and more! I'm wondering if you have a few words that describe and guide your work, as well as a few "north star" guiding values that inform your current incarnations? (I.e., How do you know what you are doing is successful? What are the core components that your current work distills into?)

Wow, that makes it seem like I do a lot!

It all boils down to creating space for other humans. Making meditation and yoga accessible, supporting humans as they work through reproductive choice, babies, energy work and so on.... it's all about creating space for others. I'm not here to help by tossing bandages on the life experiences of others. 

My intention is to create and hold space for others to find their own power, their own truth. In order to do that in a way that truly honors others and my ancestors, I choose to be unapologetic in my own self care and standing in my truth. My personal mantra is "the way you treat yourself is direct reflection of your capacity to serve."  It's not easy to stand for self in a world that tells you to do the opposite. And no one wins the suffering race... I tried running it and NOPE! So I do the things that make ME feel good, that fill me up. I say no without disclaimers, I take naps, I treat myself. And the more I take the best possible care of me, with the understanding that every day looks a little different, the more available I am for my significant, my family, my client friends and community.  

PS- You're so awesome at seeing the unfolding of others. I will actually formally be a yoga teacher in February. I start an intensive teacher training this weekend! :)


For the 2018 Vol 1 edition of Many Moons, you wrote a piece about the April New Moon and rebirth. You share beautifully about the birth process, and about rebirthing oneself. What is one piece of advice you wish you could have really taken to heart as you changed careers and began rebirthing yourself?

This is such a good question. I collected and accumulated a lot of information before making this choice and there is still SO much more to learn… there always will be. 

My advice to myself would be: "You have way more unpacking to do than you think. Be gentle with you as you unfold.”  

There was a lot of me that had been covered up and buried by expectations, roles, and titles. The process of unpacking all of that has been long, and I'm still very much in it. Cellular memory is REAL. Sometimes my tears will come from what seems like the most random place, and it's like: "Oh, hey girl... yep, that time you thought you were okay 5 years ago? Well you weren't."

Also, IT AIN’T EASY! Leaving my job to move 100% into living in my authentic truth and creating streams of income from doing so required deep sacrifice, moving beyond fear, and a willingness to mess up allllll the time. I have two amazing soul sisters and partners Chanelle and Deja who have been at entrepreneur life much longer than I have. THANK goddess for them!


What are some gifts you have received by trusting yourself and listening to your intuition? 

My intuition is my best friend. Seriously. She has kept me safe, fulfilled, open, and has helped me learn, grown, trust and expand. 

I got engaged to my husband 7 weeks after we met. I had no desire to be in a relationship, let alone get married. Then here comes this magical human…everything I desired in a life partner that I didn't even know I wanted. I jokingly wished for him when blowing out the candles on my birthday cake the week before we met. Okay, the Universe doesn't speak in jokes. Haha! 

On our third date, I could literally feel the energy whispering to me. He was familiar. We'd just found each other again. That was 7 years ago and I'm so grateful I listened. 

Currently, what is your favorite time of the Moonth? Why? 

The new moon. It's a reminder of possibility that exists when there is seemingly nothing. We can ALWAYS begin again. 

Has anything interesting happened in your life as a result of paying attention to the different cycles of the Moon? Have you learned anything new about yourself and your patterns as a result of this relationship? 

Seriously, it literally changed my life and I can talk about this forever, but let's chat menstrual cycles! 

My relationship with the moon has taught me to love my menstrual cycle. It's a sacred process, and far too often gets labeled (from early on) as shameful, embarrassing and dirty.  Through honoring, acknowledging and studying the moon, I synced my menstrual with the cycle of the moon and demystified my body's process. I've learned to honor my body in way that truly honors it for the magical vessel it is. 

Ritual foot soaks, beautiful robes, essential oils, and nourishing foods when bleeding are my thing. I love teaching others how to connect to the moon in this way.

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Other than the upcoming workbook, any projects or anything coming up in your life you are excited about?

I am co-partner in a beautiful movement, The Yoga Carriage. I have the honor of working alongside my magical sisters, Deja and Chanelle who inspire me beyond words. They are my earth and water. 

We are a space that makes self exploration through yoga, meditation, and conscious programming accessible to ALL people by offering donation based classes. We've walked three different paths that we've chosen to intersect and combine for the greater good of ourselves and our community. And we are growing and expanding, constantly enriching our soil so we can be a space of cultivation for others. We are excited to move our mission forward, reaching even more humans and creating ripples of change in our community and beyond.

I teach a monthly moon meditation class in The Yoga Carriage that returns in 2018 and I'll also be finished my yoga teach certification in February! Looking forward to some really beautiful moon meditation + movement. And welcoming more babies down and out, of course. 

OH! And I'm working on a moon deck...and now that I'm saying this publicly, I'm held accountable to finish it.

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