Interview with Spellbound Sky

Interview with Spellbound Sky

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Photo of Mark and Martin by Diana Zalucky

Anyone familiar with the Los Angeles metaphysical scene knows their first stop for crystal magic, jewelry, candles, ritual supplies, and truly lovely vibrations: Spellbound Sky! Spellbound sky is a shop that was conceptualized and created by Mark Phillips and Martin Anguiano in 2011.

The space is remarkable and filled with so much energy I've witnessed people have to sit down. The two support other local makers, and cohost workshops and meditations. I've been a fan of these two for years, and knew I had to ask them to contribute to the very last Many Moons workbook. Luckily they said yes, and they wrote about working with crystals for the New Moon in Scorpio later this year. Mark and Martin were gracious enough to take time out of their vibrant lives to answer a few questions about love, the Moon, and crystals, of course!

You two have a beautiful love story that has spanned linear and magical time. Do you mind sharing how the two of you came to meet? What are one or two items of advice you have to share about L-O-V-E on top of L-O-V-E?

We actually met many moons ago at Jewels Catch One (the legendary Los Angeles African-American Gay Dance Club).  The first song we danced to that night happened to be 'Love On Top Of Love' by Grace immortalized in neon at Spellbound Sky. We truly believe that good communication is key to a long lasting relationship...and definitely a lot of fun and laughter!

For your piece in Many Moons, you introduced the readers to a powerful organic crystal grid for a New Moon in Scorpio. What would be some creative ways for folks to commune with crystals in various ways, on various planes? 

Lately we have been a lot more spontaneous about what crystals we use on the daily and for ritual work. Using your intuition to guide you to the specific crystals you need to carry with you throughout the day keeps things fresh and definitely more Divinely inspired.  If you are feeling adventurous, take an assortment of your smaller crystals and put them in a bag. Without looking, intuitively pull out a trio and make a commitment to carry them with you for the day or week.  Be mindful of the message that these three crystals will really be surprised how accurate the prescription is for what energies you need to connect with.

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Spellbound Sky store interior 

What is a current favorite crystal you are working with and why?

Herkimer Diamonds have always been one of our favorite high frequency quartz to work with.  These double terminated crystals are solidified spiritual light, perfect for taking your meditation practice to the next level and bringing the highest possible spiritual energies into your life. During our recent NY trip, we were lucky enough to go upstate and visit the Herkimer Diamond mines.  Having the opportunity to actually get to mine these beauties was a truly humbling experience that gave us even more respect for the mining process and a deeper connection to these visionary stones.

What is your current favorite Moon phase? Why? 

We are forever New Moon obsessed. This is the time we do most of our ritual work and feel the most connected to the Moon. I guess it's that infinite attraction to newness and all the endless possibilities that the fresh start of the New Moon's the ultimate reset button!

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Spellbound Sky mascot: the unicorn! 

What are a couple of things that you are excited about?  

We just finished up our recent Pop-up Shop Residency at the Whitney Museum in New York. This was an incredible opportunity for us, so we worked non-stop for two months in order to make it happen. It was such a magical experience and accomplishment, reminding us that the further you step out of your comfort zone, the greater your reward will be. For the remainder of the summer our intention is to get back on track and just really slow it down and be in the moment. Making time to enjoy nature, family, friends, art, music, and magic is what it's all about. Maintaining balance in life is gotta practice what you preach!

Visit Spellbound Sky on the interwebs here, and on IG @spellboundsky

If you are local to LA, you can buy Many Moons at Spellbound Sky, as well as shop all their other unique items.

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