Interview with Virgie Tovar

Interview with Virgie Tovar


Probably one of my favorite parts about putting together the Many Moons workbooks is getting to ask people I admire to contribute. I was ecstatic when writer/activist/artist/performer/businessperson/professional dreamboat Virgie Tovar agreed to write an amazing piece for the January New Moon. I've been a hardcore fan of hers for the last couple of years and wish she was my bestie. You might have seen Virgie on the Sister Spit tour, listen to her on a bazillion podcasts, or read her writing for Ravishly or other places. Everything this genius does is golden and imperative. I sent Virgie a few questions to answer and her answers are below.

Hi Virgie, You are a total genius dreamboat. You make it look effortless but we all know dream boating takes work like anything else. Do you have any words of advice for people working on self-esteem or self-love?

Omg thank you! I do have advice! Sit down and write down this question: "What Does (your name) Want?" I don't know why asking that question in the third person really makes it easier to answer. And then take as long as you need to answer it. It might take an hour. It might take a month. When you're done, sit down and make a list of the people and activities to which you dedicate significant time. Then put a Selena nail decal next to each thing on the list that's getting you closer to what you want. Spend as much time as possible on the items with the Selena nail decals next to them. Begin to strategize about how you can begin to divest from everything else. Where you put your dreamboat energy is where you get your dreamboat energy.

For the workbook, you wrote about the January New Moon. Did writing your piece for the workbook teach you anything new about the Moon? 

Not super, but reading other people's writing in the New Moon workbook has really taught me everything I always wanted to know about the Moon.


 If the New Moon were an outfit for you to wear, what would it be? 

Ooooh... I mean it would probably either be a flowing gold shimmering mini-tunic a la Chico's with chunky chartreuse platform heels and a copper bib necklace with some leather tassels and a turquoise accent the size of a baby's fist orrrr it would be a selenite encrusted bikini with huge neon yellow (or green!) hoops and a simple nude lip.

What is your favorite time of the Moonth? 

Ok tbh I'm just coming out of a phase in my life where I was so deep in survival mode I couldn't access like 90% of my feelings. So I'm too new to tapping into myself to know how to answer this.

Has anything cool happened in your life as a result of paying attention to the different cycles of the Moon? Have you learned anything new about yourself as a result of this? 

I mean, I think I can say that I have developed a crush on the moon. Somewhat related on the interrelatedness of all things, I put my tiny cactus friend, Lumpy, next to my selenite and he sprouted three new baby lumps within a few weeks. Anyway, I live with one of my best friends and she is way deeper into her Moon LTR than me and I enjoy admiring their relationship a lot actually.


Other than the upcoming workbook, any projects or anything coming up in your life you are excited about?

I'm working on the pilot for a new podcast on vulnerability with Al Jazeera. If it gets greenlit it will be a series that drops in 2018. I have a new book coming out with the feminist press in summer 2018. It's called "you have the right to remain fat." I'm also doing a Midwest speaking tour in May 2018.

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Virgie in a Modern Women top.

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