Introducing The Love Collection by Leo Black x Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Introducing The Love Collection by Leo Black x Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

The debut collaboration from artists Leo Black and Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is a celebration of love and the magic it inspires: a trio of magical talismans that bottle up all the energies of love, sensuality, desire, the heart, and juicy abundance for you to enjoy. Dripping with precious gemstones and shine, these keepsakes are meant to accompany you through a lifetime of beauty.

TheLoveCollectionbyLeoBlackandSarahFaithGottesdiener_ModernWomen_TailsmanandFineJewelry_PhotographbyJeremy SachsMichaels

These portable altars were designed to be talismans, guides, anchors, and affirmations to center you into self-love, pleasure, sensuality, and heart-led intuition.

Hand-carved by the artists and adorned with rare, precious gemstones, these keepsakes are perfect to include in your spells, rituals, meditations, and everyday life. Infuse them with your intentions. Meditate with them as a reminder of your dreams.

TheLoveCollectionbyLeoBlackandSarahFaithGottesdiener_ModernWomen_TailsmanandFineJewelry_PhotographbyJeremy SachsMichaels

They are perfectly sized to put in pockets, at your desk, under your pillow, and as a friendly companion when you travel.

These magical talismans have been blessed and charged in a ritual under a Venus cazimi—when Venus enters the “heart” of the Sun. They were photographed and further blessed while the moon was in Taurus, and now are here for you to enjoy on Valentine’s Day.

Limited edition, hand-carved and cast in Los Angeles.



Sarah and Leo connected in Los Angeles over their shared love of spirituality, mysticism, and art. A natural and organic collaboration developed as they both longed to create what they both needed: portable talismans to amplify their intentions. Meeting over candlelight and crystals, the two slowly and lovingly took years to create this limited edition, capsule collection. These one of a kind pieces includes the artists’ energy and commitment to ethically made, carefully considered objects that will enhance your magic, boost your energy, and help bring your dreams to life.


Photography by Jeremy Sachs-Michaels