January 2021 New Moon

January 2021 New Moon

Priming the Vessel: A January New Moon

Tuesday evening, twelve days into the time period we call January, we will greet a New Moon. The first lunation of 2021 will begin in 23 degrees Capricorn. (For those readers outside of PST, this New Moon occurs just on the other side of Wednesday, January 13th.) This New Moon sets the tone for our lunations' interactions with our own Gregorian Calendar this year.

If we aren’t aligning calendar time with lunar time, our experiences might feel especially hard, chaotic, or coincide with themes of exhaustion. Take some time before this New Moon to rest, clear, clean, or organize in some fashion. New Moons are planting seed energy. They are beginnings. And where shall we begin? With our vessels—our bodies, beliefs, and energetic baselines.

This year will be a reclaiming like no other. Collectively, we are tasked with building new structures—different philosophies, different business models, different modes of capitalism, different reference points, different spiritualities, different protocols, practices, and praxis. Collectively, we are waking up to the fact that the majority of our current structure was created to uphold abuse. Lies, gaslighting, theft, perfectionism, greed, carceral punishment, exploitation, supremacy, binarist thinking, corruption, violence, and a lack of critical thinking are no longer acceptable—they can no longer power the heartbeat of power and leadership, the basis of all relationships, and business as usual. Not collectively. Certainly not within.

The models that we currently create must also be resonant within self. These are generative, spacious, honest, and infused with care. The capitalist myths of the individual, of the meritocracy, are over. In order to dream of and introduce different paradigms, we must first reckon with ourselves: define who you really are—get in alignment with that essence in heart, mind, and action.

The Sabian Symbol associated with this Moon and degree is: A Soldier Receiving Two Awards For Bravery In Combat. Themes of awards, recognition, overcoming of obstacles, courage, and the good fight may come up at this time. Relationships among various aspects of the self are up for review. Where do you fight yourself? Why? Identify where you need to give yourself more credit.

This year asks us to dive down deep and meet our true selves. All the aspects deserve to be highlighted and loved: we are not just one thing. To make space for all is a valuable pursuit. Our lives are bouquets, not single stems. There is also the relationship between the self and the whole to consider. What we are owed, who or what we owe our ideas, our magic, our lives may be forefront in your mind. To what extent do we belong to one another? To the same extent, we belong to ourselves.

This New Moon, meditate on what you need to do to prime your vessel. What preparation will need to take place for your life to unfold around your authentic self? For one, that might be cleaning or clearing. For another, it is plans and strategies. What is the most important action that needs to happen this week? Identify what preparations to make that will allow your dreams to flow in with ease and abundance. Be sure to be clear that the dreams you have for yourself are also dreams you have for the collective.

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