July 2019 New Moon Solar Eclipse

July 2019 New Moon Solar Eclipse

The month begins with a New Moon solar eclipse. This New Moon is one of two New Moons this month, hooray! Two *almost* blank slates that bookend this sweaty month of July. It isn’t always advised to partake in magic spells during an eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the New Moon covers the sun. Eclipses are synonymous with shadows, with certain perceptions becoming enlarged or obscured. Some astrologers think that the time of eclipses is one of extreme beginnings and endings. Be careful to make important decisions out of clarity, not impulse.

However, eclipses are just a lunar phase that is slightly atypical. There are different celestial angles converging, high above our heads.This could be a time to try something different, feel something different, express yourself differently. Pay attention to the subtle energies moving around and through you.

You can use this energy however it feels best to you. Acknowledge what is coming up for you at this time and work with that. Be honest with yourself. If you feel tired, rest. If you feel inspired, follow that thread. Take time this week to show yourself care and love. Don’t let external messages dictate your moods, your feelings, or what your intuition is telling you what you need to do for you. Ever.

We are halfway through our Empress/Hanged One year. Have you tended to your garden of love and delight this year enough this year? If your heart could speak, what would she say?

At this New Moon time, this halfway mark, recenter and regroup. Have you caught up to yourself yet? Settle into the emerging dream, Queen.

It is an opportune time to enjoy the present moment. It is a good time to practice grounding. For those of us who are in our head often, or swallowed by our emotions too much, taking the time to root down is always helpful. Below is a simple and easy grounding exercise that you can try today, or any day.

Grounding Exercise

Ideally, you would go outside, in a quiet and safe space. Ideally, you could take your shoes off and connect your bare feet with the earth. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and touch base with the energy of the earth. Feel the sensations that come into your body through the ground. Connect with the solid support of the earth. Affirm that this is a reflection of your inner wisdom, your ancient intuition. Remember that you always have the access of support, as it is within you, always.

Feel yourself become more grounded as gravity takes over your body. Create a grounding cord: a visualization of a cord coming from the base of your spine that goes deep down into the earth. Take time to sink into the energies this connection offers you. Release any energy that is stagnant, stressed, or scared, into the earth to be transformed into something else.

State an affirmation about what you are grounding into. Talk about what you are committing to at this time. Call on the energies of any elements you wish to help support your statements. Make sure the earth hears you. Let your intentions drip down into the earth, where they will be made solid, into the best form. Let your intentions flow to the ocean, where they will be carried out on the waves, and delivered back again into your life like sea foam. Let your statement travel on the air and fly among the ravens. Let your desires be ignited by, and carried on by the flame within.