July 2021 New Moon

July 2021 New Moon

July New Moon: Ancient Futures

This Friday, July 9th, the Moon is New. When the Queen of the Night initiates another cycle, we can feel the energetic reset inside of us as well. Our inner tides crash up against the waves of the outer collective. Themes of grief, rage, and heartbreak surface alongside horizon lines of hope, beauty, and possibility. Our fundamental interconnection must be taken into consideration as we navigate the winding truths of our own singular, sacred life. This is the time when we crave connection, acceptance, and affirmation around our most sacred dreams. Try not to rely on the external world for approval. The most intimate of visions will easily get dashed upon the jagged rocks of a skeptic’s withering stare. Under
a Moonless sky, find your certainty within.

It’s After the End of the World (Don’t You Know That Yet?)

Empires fall; we remain. So many survive after genocides; there are so many who continue to carve new paths after an apocalypse. There are those who say the beginning of Homo sapiens was also the beginning of earth’s demise. The world didn’t start ending today, or in the past 5 years: there have been many apocalypses throughout the course of history. For Indigenous people on North America, the apocalypse began in 1492, and continued on through their genocide over hundreds of years. Time after time, for so many people, animals, plants, and places, life has always been experienced after the end of the world. Visioning, co-creation, connection, and magic still exist amidst decay, collapse, and oppression. Death and Life in simultaneity is not new. An entire collective of folks—and plants and animals and the elements and a planet—learning to adapt, resist, stay creative, stay embodied, and stay in movement isn’t new either. History repeats itself, yet radical change is upon us. This is the ancient future.

You understand the ancient future well, as it lives in your bones. Even though you might have been cut off from parts of your lineage, aspects of your knowing, it finds ways to bubble through the surface of your psyche. In dreams, potent longings, and visitations from your ancestors or spirit, the ancient future beckons you.

You also understand the ancient future each time you create it. By now, you’ve experienced many instances in which you’ve been able to use the discernment of love and intuition to summon another future. In spite of chaos and trauma, you’ve imagined and drafted new maps out of rubble. You already know.