July Dark Moon: Activating the Portal to the Cosmos of Your Heart

July Dark Moon: Activating the Portal to the Cosmos of Your Heart

July Dark Moon: Activating the Portal to the Cosmos of Your Heart

By Adee Roberson

The Dark Moon is a time of healing, renewal and release. In this time we cannot see the Moon in the sky, only the depths of the cosmos that surround. At this time, the Moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun. Here we have the opportunity to gather our thoughts, look within, and heal and process what causes anxiety, anger, and heartache. When we look at ourselves honestly we can truly release what does not serve our spirit. When we release, we make room for what nourishes our hearts.

As an empath and a healer, I have a lot that needs to be released. I am an artist and a massage therapist. I have been doing massage for seven years. When I first began practicing, I saw it as a longterm way to be consistent with my own self-care and healing. My logic is that if I support others in their healing, and they trust me to provide a safe and confidential space, I will be forced to do the same for myself on a regular basis. It has definitely worked and it has been hard work because I support others in releasing grief and trauma. What I have learned from working with hundreds of people over the years is that there is so much that we all have to release, and manifestations of stagnation occur in our bodies all the time.

The main practice that I have around release is through art. Having a self-taught multidisciplinary art practice allows me to channel and transmute grief and negative energy through sound, color, and movement. Spiritual channeling through art is really about being guided by intuition. There is no “wrong” way to create and envision. We live in a society that prioritizes capitalism and institutions that are created to serve and uphold the white supremacist patriarchy. With these systems functioning and in place in most of our lives daily, we can get energetically backed into a corner, and blocked by insecurities, and physical and emotional violence. We have lost touch (or some of us have had our knowledge stolen) with the fact that most pre-colonial cultures used artistic creation as a form of magic, manifestation, and healing. The first piece of art I made under my own vision was a birthday gift for my mother when I was seven years old. I took a wood block I found outside and a found photo of her at the age I was then. I painted the wood green, the same color as her dress in her childhood portrait, and I glued rhinestones all around it. My mom was so happy. When I look back on this work I realize I was connecting threads of my lineage, my ancestors, and healing through this found image and object sculpture. The work was also a conversation about class, because I used what I had to create something priceless and infinite; because it was made with love.

For this Dark Moon I would suggest making a soft altar with clear boundaries, as a way to release and to connect to what nourishes your creative self. If you are a seasoned altar maker then I would go with what your intuition suggests. Think of this altar space as a portal for manifestation, meditation, protection, and release. After you create this space, work on a drawing, painting, or writing to place on the altar. You can even a place a photo that resonates with you on it.

Suggested Affirmation: “I will act on and be guided by the desires of my Highest self.”

Suggestions for Dark Moon Altar:

Meditate with the Strength Tarot card.

Place a pink candle on one side of your altar and a black candle on the other side.

Write what you want to let go of on a small piece of paper and place under or beside the black candle. Write what you want to grow and place under or beside the pink candle.

Place pink, purple, and black stones on your altar—like pink tourmaline, rose quartz, rhodochrosite, black tourmaline, obsidian, smokey quartz, or amethyst.

Place one of the Ace Tarot cards on the altar. Ask, “What gift do I want to give myself?”

To listen to Adee's Dark Moon Mixtape, which she made specifically for this time, go here. 

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