July First Quarter Moon

July First Quarter Moon

Today, the Moon revolves into its First Quarter Moon phase. It is one week after the New Moon, and one day and one week before the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Shifts we are wishing to have taken place are taking place. If they seem imperceptible, it might be time to notice and focus on them until they grow wings. If they aren’t feeling quite the way you had hoped, remember that life sometimes unfolds at its own speed. Recall that this is one bead in a longer string the length of a lifetime.

Practice suspending judgment. Maybe you don’t have all the information you need yet. Maybe not enough sand has passed through the hourglass yet. Maybe the dust has to settle—hard when we lack patience, but necessary. Maybe more unwinding, unraveling is needed. It is your call to focus on what will give you long-term sustenance. While we are retraining our brains, our thought patterns, our behaviors, it can feel we are wading through sludge. Keep going.

From a magical perspective, the Waxing Moon is an excellent time for building and growth spells. Drawing and attracting are the name of this Moon’s game. This First Quarter phase comes in on a Thursday, ruled by Jupiter. Libra—the sign the Moon happens to be in—is ruled by Venus. These next few days is an opportune time for love or self-love spells, beauty, attracting, and abundance spells. Try one for 3 days in a row. See what sweetness comes your way, as you offer up your
wishes to be charged by moonbeams.

The topic for this Waxing Moon in Many Moons is around Soul retrievals, calling your energy back, and in doing so, ending self-abandonment. If we are women, if we are people of color, if we identify as Queer, Trans, disabled, different in any way, we can be taught at a very young age to abandon ourselves. To play small. Ignore our talents and the ease of our joy. Not get in the way. Change our behavior to fit in. If we have been abused, misunderstood, if we have threatened others by our very difference and our many talents, if our souls have been bright and singing and jarring since an early age, these might have been squashed down. Tampered with, ridiculed and gaslit by others who are intimidated by our light.

This may have resulted in self-abandonment as a safety measure.

Some of us abandon ourselves to nurture and nourish one another, some to keep the peace, some because it was imprinted onto us that we were dangerous, our talent was powerful and that power was one that we were not to be given access to, that power was one we weren’t allowed to experience. If you remember feeling or being stifled from an early age, no matter what the source, it is time for you to call your power back.

It is time for you to call your energy back.

It is time to show up for yourself in all your rainbow colored glory. All your confetti sprinkled joy. It is never too late to do this. It is never too late to give yourself more pieces of you. It is never too late to get back to your soul and your self.

A very effective practice begins with calling back your energy back every day verbally and psychically. You can do this at any time during your morning routine and even add it to your evening routine before bed. Simply state:

I call my energy back to me. All my energy that is scattered other places, I call back to me. All energy in my body this is not of me, I return to the earth to be transformed into something greater. I lovingly release all energy that no longer serves me. All the energy inside of my body, all the intentions I set forth is of me, for me.

If you feel called, practice this at least once a day, in your own way, with your own words.

During this Waxing Moon time, allow yourself to give yourself a little more of yourself. It benefits the collective. Our year cards are the High Priestess, and Justice, (or Strength, if you use a Marseille-style deck). The High Priestess is very much a card of healing trauma by connecting to one’s own intuition at an unwavering level. To opening the portal to our own underworld, our vast subconscious in order to gain our own wisdom. Justice is all about Karma. All about doing what is true and right for you, independent of your programming, when the fear has been cast off like so many heavy, rusty chains. Justice also points to where in your life you must cut cords to belief systems that do not serve. These two cards together—the High Priestess and Justice— tell a  story of letting go of patterns that are harmful. They tell a tale of reconnecting to your personal power. There is a sweet strength that surfaces when an individual can be wild and free and laugh long and openmouthed. When they can sing and cry and process and feel safe: exactly how their body, mind, and spirit need to. These become more articulated after all the parts of yourself begin to get called back inside.

You deserve to be whole.

— Excerpt is from Many Moons 2018 Vol 2

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