July Moonbeaming

July Moonbeaming

Full Moon In Capricorn : Bluemoonprints

July 2015 brings us not one, but two full moons in one month. Two potent chances to dream, wish, and mark the passing of time. In general, astrologers and moon watchers alike see two full moons in one month as  auspicious, and potentially extra-charged, due in part to their rarity. (Two full moons in one month is what is known most recently as a "Blue Moon", and these occur roughly around every 2 and a half years. An older definition of a Blue Moon is that it’s the third of four full moons in a single season—and that is a topic for another article altogether!)

The first full moon, that takes place July 1st, at 7:20 pm, is in earthy, resilient Capricorn. Ruled by Saturn, that ultimate archetype of the Father, those born under this sign are practical and dedicated to their goals. They love structure with regards to their work and life, and enjoy mapping things out. Rules, limitations, and boundaries? Bring it on, say our intrepid hooved friends. Being a Cardinal sign, they possess leadership qualities and excel under challenges. You can count on a consistent Cap to get things done.

Generally, when we do manifestation work with the moon in Capricorn, it is centered on the themes of drive, ambition, will, focus, and worldly gain. After all, Seagoats love to climb mountains and partake in new, magnificent views. This Full Moon falls on a Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, which involves travel (actual or metaphoric), creativity, and commerce (e-commerce included). So, all signs point to doing outwardly focused manifestation work and spells.

However, I do need to bring up the influence of Cancer on this full moon, and the Cancer/Capricorn axis together. Cancer is the mother archetype— nurturing, sensitive, creative, and attuned. Moonchildren need to be emotionally fulfilled before most anything else. She is water, he is earth. To stay verdant and giving, earth needs water— life giving, cleansing, and healing. I see this full moon as an excellent time to work on healing any discrepancies between your inner and outer worlds: to address and name any limitations or patterns that are no longer giving you internal comfort, and to start to map your new blueprint of loving structures for change and growth.

Where in your working life do you need care, kindness, and compassion?
What parts of your career or public persona are in alignment with your inner desires, and what parts need to be phased out?
Where in your emotional life do you need structure, goals, support, and a game plan?

In short, we need to have our emotional lives in check, our desires met, so that our outward successes feel truly authentic. Think about giving yourself the time for new mantras, new ways to the top of your beautiful mountain vistas. Because the realest loves are those that come from honest and hard work. And you deserve the realest.

Suggested Full Moon Ritual:


Notepad and pen

Any crystals, such as amber, onyx, moonstone, citrine, rose quartz, or amethyst, that symbolize Capricorn, Cancer, or your goals

3 Candles, 1 white or silver, 1 black, brown or dark purple, 1 green or pink

When the night turns darker and the stars light up, go outside to bask under the moon's glow. Give gratitude and thanks for her glow. Think about what has happened this past month, and thank yourself for all the work you have done.

If you have an outside, quiet and safe space you can access, you may wish to do this ritual in that space. Inside is fine as well, what matters is that you can do some magic in an uninterrupted and quiet fashion. If you are inside set up your altar with any plants, herbs, salts, candles, and crystals you are drawn too. If you are outside, do what you can to set up your space with minerals, crystals, etc.

Breathe, cast your circle, and ground.

On a piece of paper on your notepad, draw a circle. In the circle, write your intentions with regard to your inner life, your emotions, and your intuitive desires. How you would like to feel, both internally, and with regards to your career and worldly ambitions. Be specific with what your emotional needs are, what they look and feel like.

Next, draw a square. This square represents structural elements of your internal needs. In the square, write the ways that you can work on your goals so that they reflect your internal desires. You may be as pragmatic and concrete as you would like. What achievements would you like crossed off your lingering lists? Be specific in what these look like and are.

Last, draw a triangle on a piece of paper in your notepad. The triangle represents your highest wishes and most sparkling dreams. Write down what you want to be seeing transpire in the next weeks, the next months, and the next year. If anything was possible, would you be traversing the world, spending more time at home with family, or both? Write it all down in the triangle.

Get out your candles.

In the top wax of your white or light colored candle, draw a circle with a crystal, stick, or pen. This represents the emotional qualities you will be bringing into your life on a daily basis. On the top of your dark-colored candle, draw a square. This represents the new and improved structures you will be embracing and embarking with. On your pink or green candle, draw a triangle. Set up your candles so that your light and dark colored candles are parallel, and your pink or green is behind them, making a triangle of movement.

Light your candles. As you watch the flames flicker, visualize your most desired emotional state, your most desired goals coming true, your dreams coming to fruition. Now is the time when you may also want to sing, chant any incantations, or state any affirmations you wish. Stay in this circle for as long as you want. Thank the moon again for her energy and transformative light.

Congratulations! You've created your bluemoonprint.

Blessed be,

Sarah Faith