July New Moon!

July New Moon!

Happy New Moon in Cancer! It is tomorrow, Monday, July 4th!

I'm so very happy to send you all the love, kindness, and peace you deserve, and then a little sprinkling of more. I'm honoring this New Moon tomorrow by tidying my home, spending the day in water, and bringing some of that ocean back with me. I'll do an attracting ritual, as well as an invitation to others on this planet to embody peace, and to work with that peace to create safety for all on the planet.

From my Many Moons workbook:

"While the theme for this time is Independence, I urge you to think more about the term "Interdependence". Inter means "between," the motion and movement, the tangibility we experience between our emotional relationships. What does this tangibility resemble? Maybe a planter, nurturing an exotic fern that thrives in shadow, or a glowing sunflower, determined to shimmer yellow petals outwards, regardless of how long they will be outstretched in the sun? Who or what are you nurturing, and why?

The Moon is also exalted in Cancer, as she rules the sign of Cancer. There may be some emotional feelings around this time. There might be some complicated sensations. We might need to put the kid gloves on our words and behaviors.

Symbolically, the sigil of Cancer is claws, or breasts. Some astrologers see the drawing of an up and down movement, which is a metaphor for the moodiness of the sign. Many Cancers need to get a handle on their sometimes indescribable moods before entering the outer world. Channelling our emotions into desires and working with that power to manifest our dreams is a definitive cornerstone in the craft of magick. Think about how you might use the raw sensation of your desires to propel you forward into the shining waves of glittering outcomes.

The Moon in Cancer us a reminder to give love and nurturing energy to people and projects who support your interdependence, and who in turn give you positive and healthful energy. Who just straight-up makes you feel g-o-o-d? Who do you need to spend more time with? What, just energetically, makes you feel y-e-s? What do you need to spend more time doing? Every day, every week? Be that sunflower, sweet babe, and stretch out towards that light!"