June New Moon

June New Moon

Happy New Moon in Gemini, Moonbeamers!

This New Moon I want you to remember that emotions do not need to determine our behavior. Our emotions can send us messages, give us information, tell us what we need, and support our intuition. Or, our emotions can point to what stories need to be laid to rest, what unhelpful patterns are ready to be transformed, what needs tending to internally and externally. Our behavior can alter our emotions. Our energetic patterns—made up from fear and love and books and reactions and conversations and hunger and feedback and longing and vistas and habits and joy and suffering and addictions and power and attraction and insights and the smell of rain after a drought—are always subject to change, like the weather.

Whether your life is incredible right now, or a struggle, that is subject to change. And the through line that connects us all to our inner reserves is attention and awareness, mindfulness and intention, gratitude and stillness.

It is more important than ever to be mindful about what we say, and what we do; what we say we are going to do, and how we do it. These are not times to leave our spines curled up in the closet, covered in old laundry. These are not times to break promises—either to others, or to ourselves. We must keep our word, we must rise up into our most present, most engaged selves now. Greet this present moment of your life. Feel the warmth that emanates off your skin. Breathe deeply. Listen to your inner voice. What messages does it have for you?

Notice your noticing.

We can be the painters on the canvas of all our different lives. We can experiment with different combinations. We can be the painters on the canvas of our lives, and we can also be the canvas weavers: the person hammering the beams of wood together, the scaffolding as sturdy and smooth as we can make it. It starts in our mind. It begins with our thought processes and patterns. It is aided by our noticing. And it is ferried along, out into the rivers of our actions, by our intentions.

On this June New Moon, it is in the air sign of Gemini, take this day, or even take time this week, to consider your intentions. Are your intentions around your goals and dreams in alignment? What about the correlation between your intentions and your impact? If there are gaps between those things, figure out why. If your thought processes are running along just fine, experiment.

Maybe your intention is to translate clouds in to a feeling that someone will experience as they sit next to you on the train. Maybe your intention is that in times of a conflict, that your eyes transmit all the adoration your favorite lover ever gave you. Maybe you wish for your words to be like a warm bath of solace that someone can slip into after a rough day. Maybe your intentions for your work is to inspire legions of other softies to sail their own ships through the seas of their dreams. Let it come true by way of your intentions and the way of your actions: aligned.

Your energy is yours and is precious. At this New Moon, use it wisely and unfurl your flags of focus where they are most needed. Let this New Moon be a new dawn, a new day. Truly!

Cast a spell you've never cast. Do it in a new way. Start with your truest intention.

Happy New Moon!