June Tarotscopes

June Tarotscopes

Hello, and welcome to June! 

“Instructions from the Universe is the channeled theme for June. 

This is an optimal month to anchor in, get rooted, or reroot into the symbolic, the mystical, and the patterns that are unfolding on the subtle level. Archetypes, words, poetry, rituals, and creative projects all serve to anchor and guide you. If you had a word of the year, how have you been honoring it? How has it shown up for you? If you’ve been using the Tarot Cards of the Year—or had your own personal Cards of the Year—how have these archetypes supported you?” 

—this is an excerpt from Many Moons. 

This June at the studio we’re hosting a brand new offering:
called The Creative Intuitive Tarot, it’s a 3-week series to help you reconnect and reinvent yourself, all while strengthening your Tarot Practice. Comprised of teachings about interpretation, integration, archetypal work, and Tarot education I’ve shared nowhere else, it’s a breath of fresh air to lead you into an expansive and generative summer.

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Following are short excerpts for Gemini and Cancer: June is your season! 

The Knight of Swords

Björk once shared that her process is a mix of discipline and cliff jumps: she practices and practices for weeks, sometimes months, to be able to capture the recording in one take. Whether you feel shaky or sure of yourself, this month is a time for that practice perfect to one-take mindset. You’ve been practicing something for long enough for it to be ready to fly out into the world. And if there is something, or some things you’ve been yearning to invest more time and skill into, hunker down, focus, and get it done.

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It’s easy to see a troll on the internet leaving hateful comments on someone’s page and know that whatever they spew is merey a reflection of what is inside of them, not anyone else. It’s harder for you to remember that when you feel disrespected, misunderstood, or unseen in your real-life relationships and interactions. Somehow, it feels like it’s your fault that you are overlooked or projected upon. Somehow, it feels like it should’ve gotten easier by now. 

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Happy June! We'll see some of you in The Creative Intuitive Tarot, our upcoming series.