Libra New Moon : Lightness into Dark

Libra New Moon : Lightness into Dark

Libra New Moon : Lightness into Dark

October is a special month: the summer is officially over, the veils are thinner. The magic of Samhain and Halloween at the end of this make us think of our ancestors, of past lives, of mysterious noises and shadows in the  night. Just before the reverence and remembrance of our passed away loved ones that transpires during The Day of The Dead November 1st. With Winter just around the corner we may be feeling cozy, quieter, or even low or down. We might be rethinking or reformulating our plans. Reexamining our paths and ourselves.

Next Monday, at 8:06 pm, we have a new Moon in Libra. Just after a series of eclipses, just after Mercury goes direct.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about living a life of grace on the daily. About handing over an automatic state of preprogrammed stress into something more gentle, as well as inviting more questioning into my motives. It is has never been more clear to me that every moment,  every mood and intention begins in the seed called our mind— our attitudes, our daily practices and actions. To be elegantly living in the river of life. Rocky or smooth, rough or soft. Whether being guided gently or having to steer through rough waters, how can we live more elegantly and truthfully?

Libra knows much about elegant living and gracefulness alike. The sign of the scales, the Libra wishes for an airy balance in their lives. Beauty and ease are to be treasured. Charm and niceties are where it is at for a Libra. Its how they function best; how they function truest: surrounded by beauty and love.

This new Moon in Libra is a good time to think about our need for balance. Of beautifying what it is that we have, of looking at our charmed personality traits and shining them up. Focusing on the beauty of the gifts you already have. Ease is the key word here. In this month of seasonal shifts and slowing down, this could be a powerful time of making intentions and wishes in the realm of our relationships to ourselves. Of what we owe ourselves. First and foremost, we owe ourselves love and appreciation. How might you practice this, and what would this self-love look like in the form of a wish?

With Mercury being retrograde, you might have felt stalled or slow in the realm of action. Communication might have been tangled or hurtful. Mercury goes direct on the 9th; things might start feeling clearer in the second half of this month. In order to grow and change we must look at and work through some hard truths first. What better time than now to look inward, see how you communicate with yourself, and think about the ways you give yourself balance? The ways you facilitate grace for yourself?

The tarot card I picked for this new moon was the 2 of Swords. I was walking my dog, thinking about weird zone so many of us we are in, wondering what Tarot Card reverberated with this period and thinking about what card I would draw. The 2 of Swords popped into my head. Lo and behold, when I got inside to sit down at my alter, shuffle my cards, it was that card that I drew. At first I was bummed. I wanted a "nice" or "hopeful" card, one that was affirming, like the Star, or after all the recent turmoil some of us have felt, a victorious one that hinted at resolution, like Strength or the 6 of Wands. The 2 of Swords is a card about self-delusion, about control and stasis. About a refusal to take the blinders off, make a choice and dive into the unconscious. In many ways it is the pause before the action of healing. In this pause, we have the opportunity to make a choice. We can to gain clarity and take a hard look at how we have been deluding and fooling ourselves. We get to ask ourselves why. The most common barrier to authentic action is a closed heart. This new moon asks us to work on opening the doors to our beating, bleeding, alive insides.

This is the challenge of the 2 of Swords, and this life: Things in your life can't change until you change. On the inside first. Looking way back over your shoulder into your ancestors, looking way down deep into your insides. To gaze into the keyhole of who you are and why. To let go of the things that no longer serve you, and to bolster up the new practices of being graceful in this river of life and the actions that help us float.

I will be leading a Dark Moon Guided Meditation at the Sweat Spot this Saturday, October 9th, at 5:00 pm. It is $10. Doors at 4: 45 pm. We will be working with the glittering darkness, the void, our collective intuitions and ancestor energy to bring up what needs to be let go of, and prepare to invite in our highest intentions for this month's cycle.

I am also available for one on one tarot readings. Learn more and get in touch here.