March 2020 New Moon

March 2020 New Moon

On Tuesday, March 24th, our next lunation cycle begins. Just five days after the Spring Equinox, we are introduced to more light and more warmth, as the earth wakes up.

As Mother Nature shakes off her slumber, this fosters our own internal stirrings. This is a time where we look ahead, bolstered by the weather and the shifts in season. What parts of yourself are you now ready to reclaim? What parts of yourself have been dormant that are now ready to bloom? Where are you now ready to express yourself?

This Moon is New in Aries, a fire sign that correspondences to the planet Mars. Tuesday also corresponds to Mars. This month, March, is named after Mars: the fourth planet from the Sun. That is a lot of red planet energy! Many traditional, Western astrologers correlate the planet Mars with war, strength, aggression, protection, and masculinity. However, humankind creates deities to fit their needs and archetypes to help tell tales that correlate to their desires. Previous to the more warlike associations of the Romans, Mars was the planet of agriculture, fertility, life force, growth—the “son of the earth.” His mother, Juno, came into contact with a magical plant, and soon after, gave birth.

We can take a cue from this mythology, and consider the magical, natural properties we hold within that are ready to be activated. Touching base with our inherent talents is a great way to raise energy, and remind us of our own capabilities. Combining those with other interests, with unfurling yearnings, facilitates all kinds of birth.
We can place our bare feet on the earth, and ground into who we feel ourselves to be, now. We can connect to our inner flame—those longings of excitement that stir like butterflies in our stomach. When moving forward, we need both reminders of our own support and resources, as well as healthy doses of risks. Focus on staying present in your body as you stretch out into your fullest capabilities. If you are able, take advantage of the generative qualities of this time. Plant seeds with your thoughts, with your actions, with what you choose to put your focus on. Commit to doing so for the next lunar cycle, or at least for the next week. Stay with yourself through any discomfort.

Rebirthing ourselves is rarely easy. It is a messy process. It is committing to walking a path of the unknown. There are times of one step forward, twenty steps back: this process isn’t linear: it is experimental, and it includes investing in yourself, your happiness, your well-being, your interests, your desires. When we rebirth ourselves, we understand that it may take some time for the new shapes our lives take to feel comfortable, to feel real. We understand that it will take some time for the rest of the world to notice what we’ve become. We understand that we are doing this ultimately for our own evolution, so we won’t have regrets later on. We understand that part of taking risks means never knowing the exact outcome, means standing in trust. But not knowing ourselves is a risk we can’t afford to take.

Rebirthing ourselves can begin in small, quiet moments. It can happen when we recommit to joy, to laughter. When we fall and stumble, rebirthing occurs in the moments when we make amends and decide to get up, keep going. The spark lights up when we decide to finally go for it; to put ourselves first for once. Knowing that over time, this is how we can serve others better—from a place of authenticity. Rebirthing ourselves can happen anytime we decide to move on and begin again.

—Excerpt from the Many Moons 2020 Lunar Planner