March Full Moon Tarotscopes

March Full Moon Tarotscopes

March 2019 Full Moon Tarotscopes

Our March Full Moon has the potential to be a lot. A lot of potency, a lot of beauty, and a lot of opportunities of all sorts. A lot of disruptions, a lot of thawing, a lot of stories to sift through. A lot of feelings, a lot of processing, a lot of potentially important softenings. This Full Moon is a Supermoon, as well, so if you are sensitive, you may be feeling it! A Supermoon is when the Moon is very close in its orbit to the earth, and appears up to 30% larger than usual. This Full, Supermoon falls in the sign of Libra—the first of two Full Moons in Libra in a row. Traditional astrological themes of this Full Moon are dualities: balance and imbalance, harmony and discord, love and hate.

This Full Moon kicks off a new season and falls on the same day as the Vernal Equinox, which is the “official” start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The dark and the light get equal time. Winter is behind us, at least technically—it might still be very cold where you are! This is also the beginning of the Zodiac year, as the Sun moves into Aries. There is the energy of beginnings, of breaking with the past, of putting the focus on new stories, new inspirations, and new visions. We also see this reflected in the Wheel of the Year Holiday that coincides with this time period; the observance of Ostara comes right after this Full Moon. Ostara is the Pagan sabbat that corresponds to the earth waking up, to new life, rebirth, returns, and the light.

It is not so much where you are going, but how you get there while embodying the journey in ways that feel authentic to self. This is the first of two Full Moon opportunities to look into the mirrors your life provides you, and to create your own myths out of the lessons you’ve learned so far—this year, this decade, this life.

Our internal yearnings are here to show us the way forward. Our shadows show us where we need to be seen. We can take all that is bubbling up as information. Think of this Moon as the brightest mirror that can illuminate all of this in order to help you break through.

When we gaze into the Moon, what she is offering us is ourselves—reflected and highlighted in ways we don’t always dive into. We mustn’t be swayed by old patterns that wish to resurface, just because it is an automatic, comfortable mode. Redirect, renew, refocus. This will feel uncomfortable, but it is what we must do for ourselves. And we must support our loved ones as they do their own work as well.

These Tarotscopes contain channelled advice and insight for your sign, based on the card that was pulled for you just before this Full Moon. Feel free to read your sun, moon, rising, or any other you feel drawn to. Take what you need and leave the rest.

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King of Swords

You’ve come really far since last month’s Full Moon. If that’s hard to believe, at this Full Moon take the time to take stock. Look through your journals, ask your friends for their insights. If you are in therapy or counseling, ask your practitioner to recount your progress. Sit with yourself and really look at what you’ve accomplished by way of reframing, by way of doing your work. If you still feel stuck or stagnant or impatient, it might be because you are over analyzing as a defense mechanism.

Let the changes breathe.
Let the patterns break.
Bigger pictures are beckoning.

Most likely, progress has been made because you’ve begun to truly focus on what is most important to you. The more you communicate where you wish to land to all of your various selves, in all your various endeavors and in all of your various communities, the better.

When in doubt, keep it simple and keep it clear.

Suggested spell ingredients: the element of air, the element of fire, messages that the butterflies give you, angel aura quartz, oat straw infusions, clear quartz

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4 of Pentacles

There are some things that are just for you and you alone. Ideas bouncing around in your head need to stay private before they are actualized. Certain relationships that are actually investments in your emotional health may need attention. Try tending to your personal needs for the time being before overextending yourself in the direction of anything new—especially professionally.

Then there’s the matter of security that’s been a theme lately. In your case, the perhaps unnameable feeling that has been blessing you lately is one of confidence and self-actualization. You are the one because there is truly only one of you. You are the one because you’ve worked tirelessly. You’ve been at this for a while, for much longer than most people realize, even those in your inner circle. Sink into the safety that those hours, the work has afforded you. No one can ever take that away from you. This is the security that exceeds numbers or business card titles. Accepting this on all levels will only open you up to more gifts later on this season.

The next steps on the spiral staircase that is your life may be materializing. Before rushing to the next level, figure out how to give yourself more credit over what you’ve already achieved. Goodness is approaching. Give yourself the time to affirm to yourself all that you are now. Allow yourself to celebrate all you’ve done in a way that lets it sink in how incredibly valuable you are, beyond gold, beyond approval, beyond titles.This is your Full Moon spell work.

Suggested spell ingredients: a slower pace, a three tier cake, a wooden bowl filled with love letters to yourself, a savings account started for a dream you are ready to begin funding

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10 of Wands Reversed

Precious Gem, so far this year you have been unearthing so many lies disguised as truths. You’ve been breaking the spells of unworthiness and scarcity. You’ve shattered the myth of separateness. Even if you are still untangling, even if you are still in process with some of these issues, please remind yourself of how profound all of this is. For your art, your career, for how you relate to and bring out all of your incredible talents.

Can you understand how incredibly inspiring all of this is?
This just proves you can do whatever it is you wish, you powerful witch.

This Full Moon is asking you to wrap up in order to renew. It might be that you have to renounce one or more obligations that are no longer working. This is not an indication of failure, this is an indication of your growth. Finish what you’ve started, and don’t repeat what just doesn’t fit you anymore. Reassess which key projects deserve your time. Something doesn’t need to be hard in order to be valuable. Pivot towards that which truly fuels your creativity, your inspirations, and where you know your soul is headed towards next.

Suggested spell ingredients: an altar made out of red candles, a love letter to all that you’re excited to call in, an autoresponder on your email, a bonfire that you throw all of your cancelled contracts into, a place to bury those ashes

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8 of Pentacles

Moonchild, you work so hard for so many others. And when I say work, please know that I am talking about what you try hard at, what you base your worth off of, and where your personal magic is found. As of late you might be disconnected from the part of your work which brings you enjoyment. If you are feeling devoid of energy or connection, if you are feeling confused or bereft in the realm that is your life’s work—that’s ok. Check in on what exactly you are doing, and how you are doing it. Think about how your work needs to serve you first. Make a plan around how you can actually carve some time and space out for different paths, for different approaches.

It could be that it is time to shake up the way you work, or the expectations you have around your work. Maybe you need to spend more time honing your craft. Perhaps it’s time to submerge yourself in a different activity that will benefit your mental health or stress levels. Maybe you need to work less. If that is the case, can you allow yourself to not feel guilt when you are off the clock?

To paraphrase the Bhagavad Gita: you have the right to access the fruits in your work, not the fruits that are a result of your work. In some ways, sweet Cancerian, the cruel trick of life is that we may never fully be able to access the fruits of our work when the world has set us up to chase the next carrot, always be doing something more, greater, bigger, and better. Ironically, it is the tiny, interior successes that are the fruit on the vine that feed us. It is the moments spent in reverie, in excited learning, or making, or facilitating, or connecting, that can offer you a portal of healing—a glimpse of your greatness. This is the Full Moon to begin defining and creating work that sinks into your cells and that nourishes you and you alone.

For all you Cancers who are doing the work, and it feels great: keep going. The 8 of Pentacles are a reminder that you’ve got this.

Suggested spell ingredients: malachite, lavender oil, rhodiola infusion or tinctures, a walk in nature, naps, a special inspirational playlist, a new pencil or notepad or toy or tool that will help you in your work in some way

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The Moon

This Full Moon is wonderful time to cast some big, big spells. Your transformations are happening from the inside out at this time, Leo. Your answers will only come by listening to your own intuition. Community will help, loved ones can support you—but at the end of the day, you must swim in the river of your own knowing. By surrendering to your own specific flow, you will find yourself immersed in your own depths.

That’s not to say that this will be an entirely internal process. Part of integrating what you are being called to listen to is about turning your intuitive inklings into actions. This process will start within. Engaging with your emotions differently will affect your outside world. Relating to your intuition in a more serious way will afford you potent insights into your emotions. See how that is a positive cycle?

It will feel uncomfortable, and that’s how you know you are there.
The writing is on the wall of the interior of your imagination.
The answers come through when you decide to swim in your own version of Moontime.

Suggested spell ingredients: A spell to draw down the Moon, a jaguars stare in the dark, blooming roses, selenite, sea shells, circles, birds of paradise

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2 of Cups

Virgo, you do not have to improve on absolutely any part of yourself at this time. Part of your cosmic Full Moon homework is around receiving all of the blessings that are being offered to you, because you are exactly the way you are.

Please recognize that the clearer you are about what you are ready to receive, the sooner you will receive it. There is a message here around ascertaining who or what is worthy of your time and devotion. If you have to bend over or stoop in any way, it probably isn’t in a fit. If you have to chase, or prove yourself in ways that seem deceptive or divisive, the answer is to let it go.

This Full Moon message is one of health, healing, and equal partnerships and relationships of all kinds. It is about giving and receiving. It is about seeing all of the different aspects of yourself and how all of them fit together as part of your whole you. This is a Full Moon about love and loving. Celebrate it as such.

Suggested spell ingredients: an artistic offering to your most inspirational love, honey calcite, dalmation stone, a cup filled with lunar-charged water, sex magic

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The Sun

This Full Moon, and the rest of March, is an opportune time for you to firmly declare that repeating patterns of the past are no longer an option. This Full Moon is highlighting the power you’ve always held when you get out of your own way. Let the new choices you find yourself making, in the name of brightness and beauty, act as a testament to the amount of work you’ve been doing on yourself.

This winter, you’ve done the work of delving into your various different motivations. You’ve swum down into the depths of the bottom of your fears. You’ve attended to your emotional needs. Now you are out of the cold water, warming up on dry land. The realizations and synchronicities have been flowing into your life like the morning beams of spring light through your window. Let the light of the sun infuse your cheeks and act as a mirror to the warmth you bring others.

It is up to you to make your own fun; it is up to you to cast bigger spells; it is up to you to fully step into the rebirth of yourself.

Suggested spell ingredients: sunflower seeds, fun daytime excursions, gold, and flower petals you’ve collected in nature or the ones you’ve found pressed in between your journals—or the ones you buy yourself at the grocery store, as a reminder of how much you are blooming

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King of Cups

Are your hands a little bit full right now, Scorpio? Maybe as full as this big, bright Full Super Moon! There’s nothing wrong with being busy, but when it takes away from your own self-care or magical practice, it could be time to take one or two things off your plate. You are so good at giving that sometimes you forget to fill your own cup. There could be one or more weights you need to put down—especially if that weight is the less than compassionate than the way you sometimes treat yourself!

At this Full Moon, make self-care your specific strategy. Go receive a massage, or a reading, or do something that will inspire you and fill your cup. If it is time to really fold therapy or other healing activities into your life, start taking those steps now. This is especially relevant if you are a caregiver of some way, shape or form.

That is the first message that the King of Cups wishes to give you at this special Full Moon. The second is this, and I want you to take this seriously: if you are a creative or an artist, start planning or making your next masterpiece. Continue working on your current series. You are completely ready to really level up the quality of your output. There’s no turning back: it is time to really invest with commitment and time into your most creatively breathtaking projects. This is prompt is for every Scorpio: apply your mastery, discipline, and focus on making work that will last. Ask for the raise, renegotiate any and all contracts, really get serious about your abilities. Make your life reflect your visionary heart.

Suggested spell ingredients: obsidian, purple labradorite, foot baths, sound baths, rainforest recordings, field recordings of the ocean, blue vervain, pink yarrow essence, pyrite

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3 of Swords

Every single heartbreak you’ve suffered adds up to create a map of what you need. Tracing over those lines tells the story of how far you’ve truly come. There is the strong possibility that this time period is bringing up old wounds. There is the strong possibility that the present is also showing you how much you’ve evolved past those old hurts. Allowing yourself to hold yourself and your hurts without judgement, shame, or conditions is an art form. And you, dear archer, are a heart artist.

There is no truer ambassador of the powers of the heart than one who has been heartbroken.

At this Full Moon, look to any and all clues around what new forms of love you are ready to receive and ready to give. If there is grief or sorrow coming up, especially around something “good”, that is totally normal. Grief is part of the process of new beginnings and big uplevelings. Survivor’s guilt always accompanies hard work and opportunities that are earned.

What parts are you now willing to share—to help others, to help your work, to help yourself? Where are you ready to finally step into the process of unbreaking your own heart?

Suggested spell ingredients: Nina Simone on repeat, a book on wabi-sabi, rose quartz, sunstone, black glitter, rosehips

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What heavy decisions are you weighing on this Full Moon, Capricorn? The Justice card suggests there’s one or two important themes or quandaries you’ve been turning over in your mind. This Full Moon can help you help yourself.

The answers can be found through the actions that will move you forward. As in, energetically, spirituality, and emotionally forward. Where you haven’t been, where you need to go—to the parts that make you scared, to the paths you’ve avoided treading down because you’d just rather not. You know, no big deal, Sea Goat.

This Full Moon has the potential to help you cut some cords to past selves that were performing and reacting out of a submissive place, not an empowered one.

Be what you want to be about and what you love, not just about what you abhor and resist. Know when to weigh in, and respect the blissful sweetness of staying on your own page, in your own lane. The hardest thing to do is to practice what you preach—to walk the walk you are so skilled at talking about. It is time for you to bring your walking into your talking, and to breathe love into some haunting fears.

Suggested spell ingredients: inspirational activist speeches, a blade for cutting cords, aragonite, black candles, nettle, rosemary, a donation to a prison abolition organization

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2 of Wands

You are very small, and the world is very big. The world is very small, and you are very big. Both of these statements are true, and you know this. Your world is changing, and you know this as well. At this time, Aquarius, you are able to hold the contradictions of your development in open arms. You will expand the trajectory of your path by choosing the small, contained actions. By working backwards you will flourish all the way forward. Zooming all the way in will widen you all the way out in the future.

Trying to do too much at once will have you tumbling down the hillside of the mountain you are climbing. Making promises it will later hurt to keep, both to yourself and others, will make whatever journeys you are fostering feel burdened, and that’s not what you are currently cultivating.

In your quest for creative freedom, do not ignore that which is simple and secure. No one would ever call you basic, but this card is asking you to name the most basic desires, the most basic outlines, draw the simplest maps, in order to move forward. You are going places, Water-Bearer. Plan your journey wisely so it will be enjoyable almost every step of the way.

Suggested spell ingredients: a telescope made out of toilet paper, carnelian, a ritual to give your muse a name, sigils for each one of your to-do lists items you put on rainbow post-its

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Knight of Cups

There’s the feeling of love. And there’s the journey it takes you on.
These two things are completely different. Yet each must be engaged with equally.
There’s the expectations and the fantasies, and then there is the reality and action.
When these are out of balance, we go nowhere.

This Full Moon asks you to recognize the gifts inherent in the journey of love. The knight of cups wants you to acknowledge what is out of balance. Go in pursuit of the right love elixir so that your cup remains as full as this Full Equinox Moon.

Developing self-love is a mission from the goddess. Paradoxically, it is a never-ending task. We don’t ever get to a destination, so it is up to us to create blissful oasis’ when we can. Remembering to translate our adorations and infatuations tangibly makes the uncomfortable moments bearable. When we know we’ve given from the bottom of our hearts, we know we’ve tried to enjoy what we could; we know that what we are giving is equal to what we are receiving. Adjusting our expectations while still acknowledging our yearnings takes tremendous skill.

This Full Moon asks you to keep moving forward in the name of love and with the blessings of who and how you love. Do things a little differently. Be bold and brazen in your offerings. Show your loved ones how much you care. Show yourself how committed you are to staying on this adventure.

Suggested spell ingredients: a bathtub full of rose water, a love song to your future oasis, an altar made of pearls, feathers, silver candlestick holders around a snow globe of hearts

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