March New Moon

March New Moon

Our New Moon this month comes to us this Saturday, March 17th. Sandwiched in-between two Full Moons that is this Blue Moon month, we receive an opportunity to reset just after daylight savings time and the vernal equinox in our Northern Hemisphere. On March 20th, Pagans, Wiccans, and some Witches celebrate Ostara, and our western zodiac moves into Aries. But for now, our astrological energy is in Pisces, the symbol of the cosmic fishes, the archetype of the waves: the liminal space of the end.

Our Sun is in Pisces, and our Moon is in Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces floats in the lake, swims in and out of waves, and astral projects into parts of the universe no space ship has gone. Pisces embodies the dichotomy and wholeness of everything and nothing at the same time. Pisces is our mystical side, the energies that sometimes exist outside and within any language or definition we attempt to provide our knowing of the unknown. Pisces knows that after we die, we cannot take money, power, or fame with us. We can take our evolution, our love, and our learnings. We can take who we’ve helped, what we’ve transformed, and how we’ve expressed ourself creativity. At this time, we can use the afterlife, the dreamlike, and what they teach us in us in our waking life.

How are you fulfilling your most cosmic purposes? Where would this season like you to swim? Where would the current energies like you to flow?

Pisces is the very last sign, just before we burst into spring. We can feel called to reflect and turn inward to process this Winter before we unfold in a different fashion. What lessons about yourself have you learned this winter? What can be buried? Where are you reading to plant new seeds?

Some astrologers and other mystics like to work with Sabian symbols to help interpret different degrees of the Zodiac. Sabian symbols were channelled by the psychic Elsie Wheeler to a writer and astrologer Marc Edmund Jones in California in 1923. Many astrologers have theorized and further interpreted these downloads, most notably Dane Rudhyar. This New Moon is at 26 degrees Pisces. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is:

Watching the very thin crescent appearing at sunset, different people realize that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects

This is a very apt description of any New Moon, however it especially rings true for a New Moon occurring just on the cusp of a transition—just about ready to change into a new season, whether literally or metaphorically. It is time for all of us to be living out our most individualized dreams in service of the collection. It is also time for us to step into our own expressions of ourselves. To change, transform, evolve. Where are you a different person? What new projects are on your horizon?

Let any realizations and sparks of inspirations you receive around this time be your guidepost.Let any insights and messages ring out clearly for you under this thin crescent moon.

This moon can ask us what is working, what we are doing well, and what is time to end. Allow situations, patterns, and behaviors that have run their course to come to an end. When in doubt, take inspiration from the Pisces poet Audre Lorde who reminds us “The masters tool’s will never dismantle the master’s house.” We cannot find solutions with the same mindset that they were created. We cannot move forward with our own dreams and desires if they are tangled up in another’s—if they are truly not our soul’s own.

At this New Moon time, get clear about where your dreams need to go for your spirit.

At this New Moon time, be certain what moves will dissipate pain and what moves will continue the attachment of pain.

At this New Moon time, allow your love of yourself to lead the way.

New Moons are the best time to dream, vision, and intention-set. This is a fantastic time to be creative, to express yourself with poetry, dance, doodles, paintings, or culinary creations. This is the perfect time to allow yourself to get wavy. Spend time with yourself in ways you normally do not let in. Be pleasantly surprised at what insights you gain by this expression and creative action. Then, once you see that crescent moon sliver in the sky, start taking action towards any different goals or pursuits that have bubbled up within the well of yourself.

A Tarot Spread and Ritual for the New Moon in March

You will need: a paper and pen, a deck of Tarot or Oracle cards

Optional: an altar, candles, any other magical tools you like to work with.

Get comfortable and quiet. You may wish to put on the sound of waves, the ocean, sonar, or seashells. You may wish to light a tea light or two, and do this ritual in candle light.

Shuffle your cards.

Ask: What messages must I be open to receiving at this time?

Pull your first card.

Ask: What bounty can I begin to call in?

Pull your second card.

Ask: Where must I plant seeds in my life?

Pull your third card.

Take time to card gaze. What patterns are there in the cards? What images are you excited about? What images are you unsure about?

Take out your paper and pen. Write down one word for each card.

These words will be your touchpoint for intention and action throughout the next lunar cycle.

Close your eyes and spend time meditating on what you would like to invite into your life this month, what that would feel like, and all the wonderful ways this could transpire. Promise yourself that you will act in accordance with your alignment and your words. Allow yourself to be open to new opportunities. Allow yourself to experience the inspiration and creativity you hold within you. You may wish to put your words under your pillow, or on your altar for the next two weeks.

Happy New Moon!

This tarot spread was adapted from Many Moons: Vol 1 2018. To buy your own copy, go here. 

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